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How to Smoke Shisha Alternatives - Beamer Hookah Ice Drops and Steam Stones


Smoke Hookah Without The Tobacco

shisha-alternatives Smoking hookah no longer has to mean smoking shisha tobacco. With alternatives like Beamer Hookah Ice Gel Drops and Shiazo Steam Stones (among other shisha steam stone brands) you can have the same flavors, clouds, and smoking experience - sans-tobacco. These products essentially use the same flavoring and glycerin that is used on traditional shisha, but the liquid mixture is absorbed into non-tobacco based products like non-toxic gels or natural stones.

How To Load A Bowl

Ice Drops and Steam Stones are basically smoked the same way as shisha: in a hookah bowl, hole-poked foil on top, hot coals on top of the foil. The only difference is that these shisha alternative should be smoked out of a Phunnel Bowl or Vortex Bowl. These bowl styles have a raised spire and elevated holes so that the natural juices do not drip down the hookah stem. Additionally, since these substances do not have the same moisture-holding properties as tobacco, they need to sit in their liquids to ensure the best session possible. Here are a few other specifications for the Gel Drops:

1) Move gel around in the bag before you load the bowl 2) Gently drop Gel in bowl & fill to top. DO NOT PUSH or PACK DOWN as this will clog bowl 3) Cover with foil. Do not push down on bowl while making holes

Don't be afraid to add an extra hookah coal or two to Beamer Ice Drops or Steam Stones, either. These products are hard to burn, and often need a little extra heat to really get puffing!


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  • Hello,  I am a studend in engineering school in food science, and I am writing a report about tobacco gel. I am not a consumer of hookah, however, I would like to know if you can bring me some information about the proportion of each product in a hookah tobacco, precisely Beamer Hookah Ice Drops (glycerin, water, food additives, conservartives...) ? My project is to texturize tobacco wastes to form a gel that could be used in e-cigarette or any other device. I did not find any information on how I could obtain a hookah tobacco structure (kind of a gel), that is why I am contacting you.  Thanks in advance,  Best regards  Matthieu
    • Hi Matthieu! The specific ratios of the contents of Beamer Ice Drops is not listed on the packaging and we do not have any info we can share beyond what's listed on the packaging. I would recommend contacting Beamer directly with your questions.