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Top 5 New Tangiers Shisha Flavors


Tangiers Shisha Tobacco has long been an industry leader with its uncomparably intense flavors and unparallelled head rush. They are continuing to strive for perfection by releasing new Tangiers shisha flavors, AND a brand new line of Tangiers. Check out all of the classics, and new Tangiers flavors here: Tangiers Noir, Tangiers Birquq, and NEW Tangiers Burly.

New Tangiers Bacon Shisha

Okay, we know this one is a little hard to believe. And we're going to be honest, the taste is...exactly what you'd expect. It's smokey, almost mesquite infused, and a little bit...meaty. BUT new Tangiers Bacon Shisha is definitely an option if you're looking to smoke outside of your comfort zone.

Tangiers Burley Cane Mint

Cane Mint is already an unbeatable flavor from Tangiers. But the brand recently released its new Burley Tangiers line of shisha tobacco that is stronger, buzzier, and more intense than even the original Noir recipe.

Tangiers Green Apple Tea

This complex new flavor of Tangiers Noir gives you two different taste layers. The inhale hits you with a sweet, candy apple flavor; upon exhale you experience a rich tea taste that lingers on your tongue.

Tangiers Birquq Peach Cobbler

Nothing goes better in your bowl than a little dessert. Tangiers Birquq Peach Cobbler is a new shisha flavor that combines a strong peach aroma with a creamy cinnamon spice aftertaste. The Tangiers Birquq brand is quicker to acclimate and user friendly for smokers of any level.

Tangiers Noir Jamaica

Oh mon, dis flavor is nice like a day at da beach! New Tangiers Jamaica shisha mixes the smell and tastes of sweet cherries, ripe raspberries, and juicy strawberries. This red fruit medly is strong, but light and easy to smoke.