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Free Large Heba Diffuser with Orders Over $50

The World's Best Hookah Accessory...For Free


The HEBA diffuser is the world's best hookah accessory. This little piece of plastic fits over the downstem of your hookah and breaks your smoke bubbles up into hundreds of tiny little smoke bubbles. This process achieves three things.

    • First, the extra surface area of the tiny bubbles leads to better filtration by the water, and smoother smoke for you!

    • Second, the reduction of the size of the bubbles makes your hookah whisper quiet. Like watching movies or tvs while you smoke? No more cranking the volume to hear over your noisy hookah.

  • Finally, the HEBA diffuser makes your hookah more stable. By eliminating the vibration from large bubbles your hookah is less likely to drop hot coals or vibrate off the table.

Free Large Heba Diffuser

Are you convinced? We thought so. But if you want more details, check out the science behind hookah diffusers Want to get a Large HEBA diffuser on your next order? Just use the coupon code "LargeHeba50" on your next order of $50 or more and we will send you one free of charge!

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