What's So Great About Natural Hookah Charcoal?

Considering making the switch from quick lighting coals over to natural hookah coals, but don't want to take an uneducated risk? Let us tell you why your hunch to switch from quick lights to natural coals is spot on.

What's so great about natural hookah coals?

Most natural charcoals are made from coconut husk, although there are lesser-known natural coals made from bamboo and lemonwood. Natural coals burn longer, taste better, and are made with natural ingredients. They typically make for a more pleasant smoking experience, and present many other unforeseen advantages.

We broke down the pros and cons of coconut hookah coals versus quick-lighting charcoal to the best of our abilities, and you might be surprised at the findings.

The Pros and Cons of Natural Coals


- Due to the lack of accelerants, they burn longer (approx. 45-60 minutes per coal).

- Since they burn longer, you will use fewer coals per smoke session, saving you money in the long term.

- They tend to have a less intrusive flavor because they include primarily natural ingredients. These are the best coals if you don't want them to affect the taste of your shisha.

- Since natural coals are more dense, the ash it produces is far less powdery (less mess!).

- We can ship natural coals all over the world!


- To heat natural coals, you will need some type of Electric Coil Heater. Your lighter will not do the trick.

- At 5-10 minutes per coal, it takes a bit longer to light natural coals.

coco nara hookah coals

The Pros and Cons of Quick-Lighting Coals


- Quick lights can be sparked up in a jiffy with a regular old lighter. A torch lighter is recommended.

- Rotating old coals out for new ones is less tedious due to ease of ignition.


- Quicklite coals are considered a hazardous material, and therefore cannot legally be shipped by air.

- They tend to produce a more powdery ash, resulting in messier-than-necessary sessions.

- A distinct charcoal flavor is given off by most quick lights that takes away from the flavor of the shisha tobacco.

- Accelerants that are used in quick lighting coals causes them to burn relatively fast (approx. 20-30 minutes per coal).

ignite quick lite hookah coals

As you can see, the differences between the two types of coals are quite significant. Despite all the negativity surrounding the quick lights, they certainly serve a valid purpose -- in a hookah lounge, where they can quickly and conveniently be rotated out en masse. Quicklites are also great for traveling, or if you don't have a coil burner to heat natural charcoal. For personal use, however, it's really a bit more economical and to follow the path of the natural coal.