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13 Awesome Homemade Hookahs

DIY proponents have been making their own hookahs out of household products for years.  Whether entirely made from recycled/repurposed materials, or just using them to modify existing hookah parts, we love the level of creativity and outside the box thinking that went into the creation of these custom homemade hookahs. We have scoured the internet for some great examples of DIY hookah making and are presenting a few of our favorites here. Enjoy!

Hookahs Made From Computer Parts

hookah made from a computer case hookah made from pc liquid cooling parts

Hookah Made From A Beer Stein

hookah made from a beer stein

Hookah Made From A Fire Extinguisher

hookah made from an old fire extinguisher

Custom R2D2 Hookah

custom r2d2 hookah

Crystal Skull Hookah

crystal skull hookah

A Hookah Built Into A Fridge

fridge hookah

Fruit Hookahs

watermelon hookah

See how to make a watermelon hookah on our blog.

canteloupe hookah
pineapple hookah

Learn how to make a pineapple hookah on our blog.


Lava Lamp Hookah

lava lamp hookah

Giant Water Jug Hookah

water jug hookah

Multi-Hose Gamecube E-Hookah

gamecube e-hookah