Does it matter what e-liquid I use in my e-Cigarette?

While some vape brands do make both rechargeable e-cigs as well as e-liquids with their name on it, this does NOT mean that you can't use other brands of e-liquids in your personal vaporizer.

hookah-shisha eliquids

For example, Starbuzz has come out with an extensive line of e-cigarette and e-hookah products, including the rechargeable Starbuzz Code Vape. They also have a complete line of Starbuzz e-liquid that emulates their most popular shisha flavors in e-juice form. This does not, however, mean that you HAVE to use Starbuzz e-Juice in your Starbuzz Code Vape. Use whatever e-liquid brand you'd like! We're always happy to make recommendations based on what we've tried around the office but as with most things, it's helpful to just try out the flavors that interest you and develop your taste.

On a related note, we're often asked if you can mix flavors as well as brands together. Again, just as if it were shisha tobacco, absolutely! In fact, it's pretty fun to try and replicate your favorite shisha mixes. One of my personal favorite shisha mixes is Romman Turkish Coffee with Fumari French Vanilla, so I love mixing coffee and vanilla flavors to try and capture that in the vaping world (try Austin's e-liquid Vanilla Cappucino mixed with Irish Cream Coffee - it's great!).

One recommendation that we do have is to not use a 100% Vegetable Glycerin based e-liquid in a personal vaporizer that has wicks in the tank. This has a tendency to gum up the works. You can see the PG/VG ratio, as well as nicotine content, on each e-liquid product page.

For flavor and mix recommendations, please don't hesitate to contact us, or check out our E-Liquid Buyer's Guide. Happy smoking!

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  • Can i use the e hookah liquid in my ecig vape
    • Yes, you should be able to use any e hookah liquids in your ecig vape.
  • I have an N-JOY vape pen. When I first got it I picked up some genuine N-JOY E-Liquid. I like that kind because it has a really smooth, sweet flavor. I was wondering if there was any other brand that was similar and was cheaper that I could find at a convinience store like 7Eleven or Sheetz?