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Things You Can Do While Smoking Hookah (How To Be Awesome)

You already know how to get the perfect hookah bowl packed with your favorite shisha. You've figured out how to get your coconut hookah coals at just the right temperature and placement on the bowl to last for hours. Your clouds are huge, but your friends are no longer impressed. Now what do you do while smoking hookah? Oh sure, you can learn more smoke tricks or talk about picking up the latest and greatest hookah accessories...or...you can do this:

Be an ex-teenage soap opera actor turned rapper that consistently makes Ghostface Killah's Annual Top 10 'Softest Rappers' list :(

Be the coolest/scariest parents on the block.

Here's one for the LaDeEz: Take a weirdly sexual selfie.

(Or don't. Why do they do that?)

Here's one for the FelLas: Take a weird smoke trick selfie.

(Where are their shirts, even?)

You can do it wrong, btw.

Really wrong.

(skip to :53 to really get a feel for the tomfoolery)

It's always a good time when you make fun of your buddy for living in his parent's dirty basement.

(See other tell-tale signs of a 'janky' hookah here)

Whatever you do while you smoke hookah, make sure that you have a good time doing it. Happy Smoking!