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Back To School Photo Scavenger Hunt

It's almost time for back to school! Whether that means you're off to college, your kids are finally out of the house during the day, or you're just praising the end of a hot summer, we wanted to celebrate! We are holding an Instagram photo scavenger hunt contest.

How To Participate:
1) Take a photo of as many of the items below as you can. 2) Post each of them individually on Instagram. In the comment section, explain which photo requirement it fulfills. You can only submit one entry per 'subject' listed below. You will not get extra points for submitting multiple versions of the same item. 3) Tag us - @hookah_shisha 4) Use the hashtag #hookahhunt14. This is important because this is how we will track your entries. Hookah Scavenger Hunt
All rules must be adhered to. We have the right to not count an individual entry, or a person's participation as a whole, if we believe any of these rules have been breached. ***ALL PICTURES MUST BE TAKEN BY YOU, OR HAVE YOU IN THEM. YOU CANNOT TAKE PICTURES FROM THE INTERNET*** 1) No digital altering of the photograph beyond an Instagram filter. You have to have taken the picture of a thing that you were present for. You cannot just use a picture that you got from Google. 2) Must be at least 18 years of age to enter. 3) You must have an existing account with our website, or you must set one up. 4) All entries must be posted to Instagram by August 31, 2014, 11:59pm CST.
Hookah Scavenger Hunt  

What Do You Win?


The top 5 highest point scorers will all receive a free Furat Hookah.


First place will receive a Khalil Mamoon Flower hookah. This hookah is so unique, we don't even sell it in our store! This may be your only chance to own one. Please send any questions or inquiries about this contest to [email protected]

KM flower hookah

Comments (15) -

  • I have a question. What are the rules of taking a single picture that actually fits two or more of these requirements in one photo? Would that count? For example, if I am in a canoe on my football field smoking a fruit bowl hookah with both my professor and the mascot while singing a hookah haiku I wrote whilst also playing guitar to my hookah and I have a hookah tattoo, would that be all those points combined? I think that would be totally awesome to see by the way...
  • In addition to the fellows question above, What if there is a tie and some people get all the points possible?
    • We will deal with that if it happens.
  • mo
    Shouldn't their be an insane category that offers slightly higher points? For instance smoking in the middle of public on like a busy street? Or smoking hookah while driving with a wind cover(in case you guys burn yourselves).
    • Smoking on a ski lift isn't crazy enough for you??? Sorry Mo, we're squares I guess.
  • Uhhmmmm people from hawaii can't get a picture of a hookah on a ski-lift. Was wondering if that could be replaced by something else for people in hawaii
    • Sorry Elden! That's why there are lots of options to choose from, we know that not everyone can complete every challenge. That's the fun of it!
  • What are the requirements for the song? Must it be a cover or made up song? Also, do I have to be the person playing the instrument, or can someone else play while I sing?
    • It can be any song. And sure, it can be someone else playing the instrument, but they need to be visible in the video. Good luck!
  • People are posting pictures with "Professor with a hookah." But the rule clearly states "smoking" hookah. The points shouldn't count unless we see the professor actually smoking hookah. Not just holding it in a classroom. Am I right?
  • That last "mascot" picture surly isn't a COLLEGE mascot. If I put on a bear costume and took a picture with a hookah, would it count? Points shouldn't be awarded for that one.
  • Yeah I would definitely veryify that blue bear mascot picture. What college is that from? It's not the college he took the football field picture. The football field picture is university of Lunchburg VA. Their mascot is an eagle or hawk. Not a poorly made blue bear. It's only fair to know what mascot that is from if he is going to win the contest. And I agree that his professor is not even smoking the hookah.
  • That blue bear is not a college mascot. It is the blue dancing bear from the greatful bears
  • Just saying, I don't think those people who just took their hookah to a concert should could as "singing to your hookah with an instrument." Like, come on.
  • Andrew if we were to be that picky one could say that your tattoo picture could be found in a google reverse image search, but alas just because it is not touching their lips I wouldn't think it would matter.