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NEW Al Fakher Special Edition Flavors


Al Fakher shisha tobacco has released a NEW robust line of shisha that has added to their already stellar reputation within the hookah world. Al Fakher typically makes traditional shisha flavors, but they are looking to take the world by storm with their new line of modern flavors! These new Al Fakher Special Edition flavors are only available in 250g tins, they have a smaller cut, and they have increased the juiciness for bigger clouds and longer bowls. We went on a hookah smoking frenzy since these have arrived - here are our reviews for the new flavors that we've tried so far.

Al Fakher Special Edition Sparkle – This is the perfect shisha flavor for a hot summer day. This flavor tastes and smells just like Country Time lemonade. A sweet, tart lemon flavor has the feel of a cool glass of your grammies special lemonade recipe.

Al Fakher Special Edition Shisha Blews
Al Fakher Special Edition Shisha Sweet Drops

Al Fakher Special Edition Sweet Drops – This fruity, mint mix will take you back in the day to Fruit Stripes gum. Even without the psychadelic zebra, this candy-sweet flavor will make you feel like you're watching cartoons on a Saturday morning, and will leave you with a delicious minty aftertaste.

Al Fakher Special Edition Bliss– This very unique blend combines peach, grape, strawberry, and lemon for a smash of flavor! One of the most refreshing flavors we've tried, this fruit basket medley is delightful and broadly appealing to almost any shisha smoker.

Al Fakher Special Edition Shisha paradise
Al Fakher Special Edition Shisha Juicy

Al Fakher Special Edition Juicy – This flavor lives up to its name! With a fantasic mix of peaches and plums, this shisha makes you feel like you're biting into a bushel of freshly harvested fruits with each inhale.

Al Fakher Special Edition Hot Ice

Al Fakher Special Edition Hot Ice – Upon opening the container, the Hot Ice has a watermelon-minty aroma. We noticed a hint of pepper as we were loading the bowl. The smoke produces quite a watermelon flavor, with some very light spicy undertones. The smoke production itself is on par with any Al Fakher flavors, but so is the robust flavor – which is where Al Fakher excels anyway. We smoked flavor out of a Mya QT with a Vortex bowl and 3 Coco Nara coals.

Al Fakher Special Edition Rich Crème – Rich Crème is quite an interesting mix, it’s very heavy on the vanilla. There is also a light tone of what we can only describe as a cake batter or cupcake flavor. The best way to describe the smell and flavor of Rich Crème is to liken it to the old school snack, Dunkaroos. Nostalgic AND delicious!

Al Fakher Special Edition Rich Creme
Al Fakher Special Edition Hookah Matata

Al Fakher Special Edition Hookah Matata – What a wonderful phrase! It means no worries, for the rest of your hookah session. Hookah Matata is a predominantly apple flavor with hints of pine. It’s such a unique flavor, and has been a big hit. The apple is not your traditional apple shisha flavor, as there are no strong licorice tones overpowering the apple.

Al Fakher Special Edition Banana Montana – This flavor has a prominent banana flavor with a coconut undertone. There is also cinnamon present that is stronger than the coconut, but weaker than that banana.

Al Fakher Special Edition Banana Montana
Al Fakher Special Edition Shisha Fun Time

Al Fakher Special Edition Fun Time – This is a super fruity mix, akin to fruit punch. It is complemented with a soft floral exhale and the slightest hint of sweet green apple. We tried this flavor out of a classic Egyptian style frankenhookah, which also helped produce massive clouds of fruity excellence.

Al Fakher Special Edition Blews – Blews is an uber blueberry! There is definitely an airy cotton candy-like tone to it that makes the exhale incredibly sweet. It reminded us of a lighter version of another extremely popular blueberry cotton candy flavor we carry on our website. Can you guess which one?

Al Fakher Special Edition Shisha Blews
Al Fakher Special Edition Shisha Seven Wings

Al Fakher Special Edition Seven Wings – If you are a fan of grape flavors, go ahead and pick this flavor up right now. It’s more of a light, sweet grape and has a powerful mint tone as well. Seven Wings is quite an epic mixture, and it really is a can’t miss flavor; especially if you are a fan of all things grape-mint.

Those are the flavors that we've tried so far, but we'd love to hear your reviews of these other flavors from the new Al Fakher line. Just post them in the comments below, and we'll add them to this blog! Happy smoking!

Complete flavor line from Al Fakher Special Edition:



Banana Montana

Berry Blended


Citrus Spirit

Fun Time

Hookah Matata

Hot Ice


Kiwi Garden

Lovely Cherry

Magic Melon

Mango Madness


Rich Creme

Screw Driver

Seven Wings


Strawberry Island

Sweet Drops

Sweet Pomegranete

Tangerine Twist

Virgine Grape

Watermelon Splash


Comments (6) -

  • Hey, when will you guys describe the rest of the new AF flavors that don't have names obviously explaining the flavor?
  • Can we get a description of all the flavors? Or at least the flavors without fruit names. Makes it hard to purchase without knowing what kind of flavor we should expect.  Thanks for giving us a description and critique of the ones listed above.
  • Just tried out the Rich Crème, It smells really good in the container but the flavor is very faint after 5mins, when lit with 3 Coco Naras.  Good thick clouds but the flavor wears off faster than other AF flavors I have smoked in the past.  Is it just me?
  • I blindly purchased a few flavors (wish I had this page or the ability to smell them first!) but I went ahead with the Hookah Matata, Sweet Drops and Hot Ice. The three are quite similar in sweetness and the matata and sweet drops taste similar. Sweet drops is like that bubblicious gum of your youth while hookah matata is a more apple-y apple (not like the gross licorice double apple flavor!). The Hot Ice is definitely more spicy and flavorful than the other two although all three are quite flavorful as expected given the brand. I would say all three are worth a try. But there are others here that sound quite delicious so I will be working my way through these limited editions and will keep you updated!
  • Magic Melon is definitely a hit, for me. It has a strong, sweet flavor that reminded me instantly of the bubbalicious watermelon gum.
  • Mostly good stuff; Al Fakher is making a decent run at the likes of Starbuzz and Fantasia.

    However, not caring for mint-laced shisha, my peeve with these Special Edition flavors is that you cannot decipher which do,and do NOT contain mint flavoring! Like Alexus, I have blindly bought 2 flavors I'm now stuck with (Sweet Drops and Kiwi Garden.)  

    Note to Al Fakher, include some MINT LEAVES on the can when the flavor contains mint!!