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Five Places To Smoke Hookah Before You Die

Your favorite place to smoke hookah might be right on the couch in your living room while playing Red Dead Redemption, but it's time to think outside the box. If money wasn't an option, where would you smoke? To help your dreams come true, we're renting a digital private helicopter and taking you to some of the most astounding places on earth. Learn a couple fun facts about these ideal destinations, and find out just the right hookah and shisha to smoke so you can feel like you're there, even if it's only in your mind.

Dubai - Mya Olla Hookah with Fantasia Million Dollar Flavor

smoke hookah in dubai

Oh, to be wealthy! Dubai has long been touted as a tourist's paradise, with some of the most extravagant buildings, penthouses, cars and shopping. If you don't have a few million to spend on a vaycay, then pick up the Mya Olla Hookah to make you feel fancy. The unique base-to-shaft design is unlike any other hookah we carry, and although it's not made of real gold, your friends won't know the difference. Top it off with some of Fantasia's The Million Dollar Flavor, and you can be a high roller at a fraction of the cost. If you do make it there, be sure to visit one of these awesome sites:

smoke hookah on palm island

Antarctica - Lavoo MP1X Jr Hookah and Social Smoke Absolute Zero

hookah smoking penguins

Sure, your ex says that you have an 'icy disposition', but how cool are you really? The low temperatures in Antarctica can get to -22 degrees F, but we think it could be colder. If you ever bust out the parka and go for a visit, try smoking some Social Smoke Absolute Zero in an ice cold glass hookah like the Lavoo MP1X Jr, and see if you can get a buzz before you turn into a smokecicle!

Antarctica facts

Bondi Beach, Australia - Nammor Bondi Hookah and Tangiers Aussie Juice

bondi beach smoking hookah

Need to thaw out after your frozen Antarctic getaway? Then head on over to Australia where the sand is smooth, and the smoke is smoother. It only makes sense to set up shop on Bondi Beach with the Nammor Bondi Hookah, and how silly would you feel if you left without smoking some Tangiers Aussie Juice shisha? And hey, if you capture an image of a kangaroo on the beach, we'll pronounce you Hookah-Shisha royalty (bonus points if there's a hookah in frame)!

It is technically illegal to smoke on Bondi Beach (but we won't tell!).

bondi beach at sunset

Paris - Crystal Mya and Al Fakher Cafe Latte

hookah in paris

Paris is known for a lot more than just being the city of love. It's covered in coffee, cigarettes, fashion, food, lascivious behavior and don't forget the croissants. Don't have your passport at the ready? Then pick up a Mya Quadrus Hookah with some Al Fakher Cafe Latte, and you can pretend that you're sitting by the Seine during fashion week, dripping in chic accessories and sipping espresso.

paris hookah life

Known for its elaborate museums, Paris even has a museum dedicated to the history of smoking, called Le Musee du Fumeur.

louvre facts

If you get a chance to visit, don't forget to stop by some of the most famous works of art in the world!

hookah in the louvre

New Zealand, Redwoods Treehouse with a Regal Red Queen Redwood Hookah and Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell

hookah in redwoods treehouse

Tired of the city life? Then head on over to New Zealand, where you can make your childhood dreams come true. The Redwoods Treehouse hangs high in the branches, and can hold up to 50 people. Sounds like the ideal place for a hookah party! Especially if you have a Regal Red Queen Redwood Hookah and a bowl loaded up with the woody, earthy inspired flavor of Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell.

hookah in a treehouse

You can rent out the Redwoods Treehouse for your hookah party for a mere $3,000!

treehouse in new zealand

If you have smoked in an amazing place, or have a dream destination that you'd like to take your hookah to, tells us about it in the comments section!

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  • This was a fun read, love it.
  • honestly, i was hoping for a genuine list of awesome places in the world to smoke hookah.  i'm going to Greece next year and may be able to visit a few other countries, and i'd love a list of hookah places to check out while i'm over there.
    • Bunna,
      That was our original goal with this blog, but it proved incredibly difficult to actually find reliable information online about the best hookah bars and lounges around the world. Rather than present a sub-par list of businesses to go to, we went with a more general travel theme of smoking hookah in beautiful and exotic locales.
  • @Bunna  I'm sure you'll be able to find some great places in Greece. I for one would love to smoke in Tangier, Morocco and am very disappointed it wasn't on the list. I too came in search of those kinds of destinations.

    @Danny, I imagine with some good old fashion google and forum searching you could have found some interesting things.  I've been to a couple of incredible hookah bars in Japan that I would recommend.  Especially Destine in Osaka.  Alas when I travelled through Dubai I only had limited time there and couldn't spend a few hours smoking hookah.  I will next time though as it sounds like a fantastic idea.  For now the porch in my back yard surrounded by my palm trees will have to do.
  • I actually smoked at the Eiffel Tower last year. It was an AMAZING experience! There was a group of Spanish kids lounging around smoking a little hookah and they were very quick to invite others to join them. This is one of my favorite things about hookah: the social aspects of it. I had a fantastic time sitting around, smoking hookah and drinking red wine mixed with coke (which is apparently a big thing is Spain) and making new friends. Smile
  • Non of those Top Smoking with an Afghan Police chief at and Afghan police station
  • Jim
    Next time you need to include the 9N Los Suenos Hookah Lounge & Cigar Store in Costa Rica!