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Suicide Bunny eJuice

Are You Hardcore? Vape Suicide Bunny!

suicide bunny ejuice vape

Don't be nervous! There are no evil bunnies hopping around this eJuice. Suicide Bunny Juice is unique in that it has a higher rating of vegetable glycerin over proplyne glycol - creating a thicker juice that has a more natural content, and the thicker juice helps facilitate huge, puffy clouds. Available in 0-18mg of nicotine, there is a flavor of Suicide Bunny e-Juice for everybunny!

Suicide Bunny eJuice Flavors

Suicide Bunny Juice Mother's Milk - Creamy Strawberry

Suicide Bunny Juice Mandrina - Creamy Melon

Suicide Bunny Juice Derailed - Banana, Cinnamon, Vanilla

Suicide Bunny Juice Original Bunny - White Cake with Butter Icing

Suicide Bunny Juice Sucker Punch - Creamy Fruit Punch