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Fumari Swag Bag: A Limited-Time Bag O' Goodies

Fumari Gift Bag Banner

Uh-oh. Looks like we've ended up with a ton of Fumari Shisha swag. What ever will we do will all of this awesome stuff? Well, if you're thinking "give it to us please and thank you," you're in luck. We're giving away free Fumari gift bags until we run out!

Just use the code FumariSwag at checkout on your next order. Each Fumari swag bag includes a t-shirt, stickers, and other assorted goodies. Is Fumari your favorite shisha brand? Now you can wear your Fumari pride (or stick your Fumari pride on the bumper of your car) and show the world.

Note: T-shirt sizes will be picked at random, but you are guaranteed to get a shirt and a bunch of other awesome stuff.

Coupon Code: FumariSwag

No expiration, but once we run out, we're out. Happy smoking!

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  • Hey i like what youre doing but if youre giving a t shirt to everyone who uses the code rhey should at least be able to choose the size. Im a fairly big guy and if i get anything smaller then a xl i wouldn't be able to represent your brand by wearing the shirt
    • Jacob, leave a comment on your order with your shirt size and we will do what we can to get you the right size depending on what we have left at the time you order.