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These coupon codes below are expired. Check out our coupon code page for all of our everyday coupon codes.


Everyone loves a good deal, right? We definitely think so, and here at Hookah-Shisha.com we are determined to give you the best hookah deals and coupons in the world.  Check back often for new codes. Enjoy!

New Coupon Codes

Code #1

Free Heba Diffuser Combo Pack (Includes both large & small sizes)

Use Coupon Code: 

Valid on orders over $25

Heba Diffuser Combo Pack

Code #2

Take $5 Off Any Order Over $25

Use Coupon Code: 5Off25

Valid on orders over $25

$5 Off Coupon Code

Code #3

Free Large Green Nammor Hose

Use Coupon Code: 

Valid on orders over $75

Green Nammor Hookah Hose

Code #4

Free 20 Piece Box of Coco Nara Coals

Use code: 

Valid on orders over $25

Coco Nara Coal 20 Piece Box

Code #5

Free Black NuHose

Use Coupon Code: 

Valid on orders of any size

Black NuHose Hookah Hose

Code #6

Free Box of Exotica Coco Coals (100 pieces)

Use Coupon Code: 

Valid on orders over $50

Exotica Coco Hookah Coals

Code #7

Free Black KM Washable Hose

Use code: 

Valid on orders over $75

Black KM Washable Hookah Hose

How Our Coupon Codes Work

A quick note about how our coupon codes work: Only one coupon code may be used per order. When you type in your code during checkout, the free product will be added to your cart automatically and a discount for the price of that product will be taken out.

If you accidentally use more than one code - say, you add one code but then decide you want a different freebie instead - you may be charged for the other freebies. We don't want that to happen; so be sure to remove any items that were added to your cart by the previous code if you decide to add a different one.

These codes are valid while supplies last. When supplies run low for popular codes, we will offer a new code with a similar product in its place.