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Hookah Charcoal Sale

We're in week 3 of our Back-To-School sales and this week we are featuring one of the most essential elements of a good hookah bowl, hookah charcoal. Coal is definitely not the sexiest aspect of a hookah session, but without fire, there is no smoke. We've got a wide range of both natural and quicklight coals on sale through Monday 8/31/15. In addition to deals on individual boxes of coals and coal multi-packs, we are also extending our 15% off sale on Shisha packs that come bundled with coals through 8/31/15. Stock up and never run out of coals again!

Hookah Coal Sale Details

Shisha & Coal Combo Packs
Natural Hookah Coals
Quick Light Hookah Coals
Starbuzz Hookah Coals

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  • Do you guys do shipping to all countries?
    • We ship to nearly all countries in the world, but there are a few which we choose not to ship to due to excessive cases of fraud or other issues. I would recommend chatting in with our customer service team or emailing them at info (at) hookah-shisha.com to get specific information about our shipping options to the country you are in.