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Smoking Every Al Fakher Flavor At The Same Time

We had a crazy idea the other day. What if we mixed every single Al Fakher flavor together and smoked it? Luckily for us, we happen to have more Al Fakher shisha in our warehouse than just about anywhere else on earth so we had the supplies to make it happen. We decided to stick with just the classic Al Fakher flavors (no special edition or golden flavors) and unfortunately we were sold out of a handful at the time of shooting this video which left us with 55 different flavors to mix together. So obviously you all want to know what it tasted like, right? Watch the video below to find out!

Al Fakher Shisha Sale

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  • Leo
    I'd name it The American, after the Andre The Giant's drink of choice. It consisted of 40 ounces of various liquors poured into a pitcher. and sources say it was as potent as jet fuel.
  • Tim
    Shit On A Shingle
  • 50 Shades of Al Fakher!
  • I would name it LTE-Al Fakher or Mystery High
  • Taste of chaos
  • I would call it the Considerably Colossal Clusterfuck or tell my amateur friends that it is lemon mint and laugh when they tell me they can taste the lemon.
  • Moe
    Al fakher holy land
  • Tim
    Super nutz wonder shisha
  • Fakher Right in the Shisha
  • Ash
    Fakher right in the shisha
  • Al Fakher right in the pussy
  • UFC ultimate flavor combo or AFM50 AL FAKER MIX 50
  • Starbucks Disaster Zone
  • Sorry. I misspelled it.
  • Sugar spice and everything else
  • If i were to only give it one name that wouldn't to this random, amazing, and creative flavor justice so i  have a couple to choose from. Lucky's infinite rainbow, the brain aneurysm, the flavor bomb, the reason hookah bars have a max number of flavors you can mix, and my final and favorite the Al Fak Everything.
  • The dirty ol' fakher
  • ALittleBitOfEveryrhingAllRolledIntoOne
  • The al fakher nuke
  • Al fakher Mixy time
  • Melting pot, or urban jungle.
  • Man you guys got it in the video... if should be "Eat That, Baskin Robbins."
  • Rooty tooty fresh n fruity
  • The Kitchen Sink - as in the saying "everything and the kitchen sink"; also sometimes "everything but the kitchen sink".
  • Al-Fakher cornucopia (in honor of the recently passed Canadian thanksgiving and the upcoming American thanksgiving)
  • A.D.D.(Al Fahker in Different Dimensions)
  • Tonka Tub.... dump truck full of flavors
  • "Al Fakher: Angels and Demons" You have the good flavors and the bad flavors. You aren't sure if you like it or not and you don't really know where you stand on the whole subject of mixing the good with the bad, but you do it anyway because it feels right.
  • Al Fahker Mouth Surprise
  • the Al Fak-It ! The Al Fakhed This
  • Taste the rainbow or Jack of all Flavors, Master of none
  • AF Amalgamation
  • A bit of everything
  • AL -Fakher Flava Bomb
  • Al Fakher: Big Bang Theory
  • Tamam = ????, because Everything is good.
  • FUBAR (Fakhed Up Beyond All Recognition)