The Best Hookahs for Beginners - Under $100

Where To Begin?

Starting out in the hookah world and trying to decide which hookah you want for your first is difficult. Which one is right for you? With so many things to consider, such as the brand, the price, the size, and the materials used, this can be a tough decision. To make things easier for you we've come up with a list of hookahs, in order of least expensive to most expensive, that will be a perfect choice to start your collection. These hookahs won't break the bank, they look nice, and you can expect great smoking quality from each one. Find the right one for you, and get started on your own hookah journey!

Khalil Mamoon Mini-Classic (1 hose) Hookah - $49.99

The first hookah on our list comes from the Egyptian hookah manufacturers, Khalil Mamoon, who make all their hookahs by hand and are widely respected for putting out high quality products. The Khalil Mamoon Mini Classic stands 17 inches tall and is made of stainless-steel that will keep it from ever rusting or corroding; if treated well, this hookah should last you a very long time. At just under $50 the Mini Classic is the least expensive hookah on our list, but you can still expect a great smoke session from this piece! Khalil Mamoon uses stainless-steel on the downstem of this hookah (the pipe that channels the smoke from the bowl to the glass base) and is designed to give you a traditional smoking experience similar to what you might experience at a hookah lounge in Cairo, Egypt. This hookah will come included with an Egyptian hookah bowl, a coal tray, the glass base, an Egyptian hookah hose (non-washable), a tin foil pack, hookah charcoals, coal tongs, and some shisha tobacco.

Mya Bambino (1 hose) Hookah - $68.99

So much detail and smoking quality in such a small hookah! The Mya Bambino stands just 12 inches tall, but do not let its size fool you - this hookah can put out some clouds! Its size does make this hookah able to fit pretty much wherever you want, giving you the freedom to smoke anywhere! The Bambino is made of stainless-steel, making it durable and with a long lifespan, and the shaft is packed with as much fine detailing as possible, decorated in the ancient Cloisonne technique, that you can enjoy with every smoke session. The circular "grenade" style base is extremely stable, so you won't have to worry about the Bambino wobbling or moving as you smoke. It will come with a custom designed carrying case to make carrying the Bambino quick and easy. It will also come with shisha tobacco, hookah charcoals, a tin foil pack, coal tongs, the Mya ceramic hookah bowl, a coal tray, and a 60 inch Mya Saray hookah hose (non-washable).

Mya Econogon (1 hose) Hookah - $79.99

The second Mya on our list, the 24 inch tall Mya Econogon Single hookah is an economical way to get a hookah with a sturdy "pyramid" style base and the ability to accommodate up to FOUR hoses (with the proper Mya Hose Adapters).  Made from stainless-steel, the Mya Econogon is a durable hookah that will last you a while and will provide many quality smoke sessions. The glass pyramid base is large enough to fill up with enough smoke to help you rip massive clouds that will fill the room! The base comes in four base color options, a 72 inch long Mya hookah hose (non-washable), a Mya ceramic hookah bowl, the coal tray, hookah charcoals, the coal tray, a tin foil pack, and a pack of shisha tobacco.

Shika V4 Mini Totti Electro (1 hose) Hookah - $84.99

The V4 round of Shika hookahs has given us a wide variety of incredible options to choose from, and the Shika Mini Totti Electro is an excellent one! The Mini Totti gets its "electro" title from the electroplating process each one is put through, a process that gives the shaft a beautiful look and a textured feel that repels water! This 19 inch tall hookah comes in three electroplated colors: blue, black, and hot pink. Unlike many of the V4 Shika line, the Mini Totti features a stainless-steel downstem that will never rust or corrode, and will never hold on to strong shisha flavors after a quick cleaning. The Mini Totti will arrive with a washable Shika Typhoon hookah hose, an Oblivion Phunnel hookah bowl, a coal tray, electroplated coal tongs, a package of shisha tobacco, hookah charcoals,  and a color-matching glass base.

Khalil Mamoon Mini Shamadan (1 hose) Hookah - $84.99

When you hear that something is handmade, with loads of time put into the details and design, you would expect that product to be a bit pricey. Khalil Mamoon provides the world with affordable, top notch, handmade hookah pipes that are packed with craftsmanship and provide users with awesome smoke quality. The Khalil Mamoon Mini Shamadan hookah stands 18" tall and, like many Khalil Mamoon's, is made with high quality stainless-steel that makes it incredibly durable and long-lasting. This hookah comes with either a gold, silver, or black oxidized wash shaft; the black oxidized version has not gone through an oxidization process, so don't use polishing agents or powerful cleaners on it. Khalil Mamoon designs their hookahs to give you a traditional style smoking experience, inspired by what you'd find in hookah lounges around Egypt. The Mini Shamadan will come with a 72 inch Khalil Mamoon hookah hose, an Egyptian hookah bowl, hookah charcoals, coal tongs, a tin foil pack, a coal tray, and a package of shisha tobacco.

Sahara Smoke Genie Bubble (1 hose) Hookah - $84.99

Named for the bubbles etched into the glass base, the Sahara Smoke Genie Bubble hookah is a 15 inch tall stainless-steel hookah pipe that combines a portable size with a smooth pull and a base large enough to help you create room-filling clouds. Made from stainless-steel, this hookah pipe is strong and durable enough to last you a long time. One awesome feature of the Genie Bubble is that it can turn from a one hose hookah into a two hose by using a Sahara Hookah Hose Adapter, so you can enjoy the great smoke quality of this hookah with a friend! The Genie Bubble hookah comes with an ultra-wide wood handle synthetic leather hookah hose that measure 66 inches long, as well as a Vortex Hookah Bowl, hookah charcoals, a tin foil pack, coal tongs, a package of shisha tobacco, and a convenient specially designed carrying bag with a side pouch for all the accessories for your set-up!

Khalil Mamoon Mini Kamanja (1 hose) Hookah - $84.99

Buying Khalil Mamoon is always a good choice, especially when just starting out in the hookah world. The Khalil Mamoon Mini Kamanja hookah stands 18 inches tall, is made of high quality stainless-steel, and comes in three beautiful color options - gold, silver, and black. The black option features an oxidized wash that you won't want to use polishing agents or powerful cleaners on to prevent ruining the finish. The Mini Kamanja's stem features hand etched leaf patterns that will vary with each product - expect variations in exact details on all handmade products. The stainless-steel composition of this hookah, and its downstem, makes it incredibly durable and totally resistant to rust and corrosion. The Mini Kamanja will come including an Egyptian clay hookah bowl, a coal tray, coal tongs, a tin foil pack, hookah charcoals, a 72 inch Khalil Mamoon hookah hose, and a package of shisha tobacco.

Mya Ness Gold (1 hose) Hookah - $89.99

All that glitters with the Mya Ness is Gold, this is a premium hookah that we suggest to those of you just starting your hookah collection. This 24 inch tall hookah is made from stainless-steel, with gold or silver shaft options, and a base made from lightweight acrylic. Everything about this hookah is golden, even the stainless-steel downstem; you have to smoke from gold when living the good life! The stainless-steel makes the Mya Ness highly durable, and the use of acrylic for the base makes it far less likely to break than a normal glass base. The Mya Ness Gold comes as a one hose hookah, but it features two caps that can be transformed into hose ports to make this a three hose hookah! Do this by purchasing Mya Hose Adapters separately. This hookah will come included with a 72 inch long Mya wood handle hose with metal tip, a Mya ceramic hookah bowl, the coal tray, coal tongs, hookah charcoals, a package of shisha tobacco, and a heavy duty carton which serves as a carrying box.

Shika V4 Mini Zoba Beast Electro (1 hose) Hookah - $89.99

The Shika Mini Zoba Beast Electro is, well...a beast. Like the Mini Totti, this Shika hookah has undergone an electroplating process that gives it a beautiful look and feel. The Mini Zoba stands 24 inches tall and features a copper downstem that is wider than many downstems, helping to give this hookah an absolutely incredible smoke quality. This downstem, combined with a jumbo glass base, will help you rip massive thunderclouds with ease! The copper will never retain powerful shisha flavor profiles, it is highly durable, and it is a naturally antimicrobial substance that will kill up to 99.9% of bacteria within two hours of exposure. The Mini Zoba comes in red, blue, or black, all with matching base colors; there is also a white/black stem color that comes with a black base. The Mini Zoba Beast Electro will come included with a washable Shika Typhoon hookah hose that matches the color of your hookah, as well as an Oblivion Phunnel Hookah Bowl, hookah charcoals, a coal tray, electroplated coal tongs, and a package of shisha tobacco.

Nammor Euphrates (1 hose) Hookah - $99.99

The Nammor Euphrates is a premium quality Egyptian designed hookah pipe that is made from high quality stainless-steel and has a multitude of colorfully designed base options. At 28 inches tall the Euphrates is the tallest hookah on our list; made with solid stainless-steel, this is a highly durable hookah that will last you a long time. The Euphrates also features a single wide-bore hose port to fit a wide variety of hookah hoses - be sure you use the proper grommet! Pull massive clouds from the large glass base and through the 84 inch long (7 ft) Wrapped Nammor Hookah Hose that comes with the Euphrates. Along with the hookah and the hose you will also receive an Egyptian style hookah bowl, the coal tray, coal tongs, a tin foil pack, hookah charcoals, and a package of shisha tobacco.

The Next Step

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