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5 Things NOT To Do With Natural Coconut Hookah Coals

Natural coconut hookah charcoals are the go-to for most every serious hookah smoker around the world. They impart very little flavor on your bowl, burn at a consistent heat, and offer the best hookah sessions around. It might seem like coconut coals can do no wrong, but we've pulled together a list of 5 things that you should definitely NOT do with your natural coals.

Do NOT Use Coconut Coals In Place Of Real Coconut When Cooking

grating coconut coals

If your recipe calls for shaved coconut and you are all out, what do you do? Buy some more of course! Or, you could try substituting delicious, carbon-tastic natural coconut coals! Or...you could not. Yeah, that sounds a lot better. That coconut shrimp recipe can wait, better just smoke hookah instead.

Do NOT Attempt To Drink Coconut Coal Water

coconut coal water

Coconut water is all the rage these days. Experts say that drinking coconut water has numerous health benefits in addition to it's great refreshing taste. As good as coconut water is for you, we do not recommend attempting to make your own coconut coal water. Everyone knows to never get your coals wet! We think we'll stick to the original stuff ourselves and we'll save the coconut coals for our next bowl of hookah.

Do NOT Moisturize Your Skin With Coconut Coal Lotion

coconut coal lotion

If your recipe calls for shaved coconuts and you are all out, what do you do? Buy some more of course! Or, you could try substituting delicious, carbon-tastic natural coconut coals. Or...you could not. Yeah, that sounds a lot better. That coconut shrimp recipe can wait, better just smoke hookah instead.

Do NOT Serve A Delicious Tropical Drink In A Coconut Coal

coconut coal drink

You're laying on a tropical beach somewhere living the good life. A waiter in a crisp, bright, white uniform comes towards you carrying a tray. He asks what you would like to drink as your gaze falls upon another beach-goer enjoying a delicious beverage being served in a coconut shell. You go to order one of the same, but briefly think "What if I asked for this drink to be served in a hollowed out coconut coal, instead of the coconut itself"? As the waves lap gently at the shore and the waiter eagerly anticipates your choice of beverage you give it just a bit more thought and then think "Wait, I'm a total idiot. That would be terrible. What a tiny little vessel for a drink, and I bet it would taste just terrible too! What a bad idea that was"! Then you order a normal drink and chuckle at the absurdity of it all.

Do NOT Use Coconut Coals In Place Of Marshmallows In Hot Chocolate

coconut coal in hot chocolate

The snowstorm rages outside of your window and the kettle boils away on the stovetop. Your insides are cold, but you know it won't be long before that delicious hot chocolate is warming your insides. As the kettle whistle rings out, you turn off the flame on the stove, fill a mug with boiling hot water and add your hot chocolate mix. While you stir it up and enjoy the smell, you remember the most important part - the marshmallows! You open the pantry and as you reach for the bag of marshmallows you notice a box of natural coconut coals sitting there. They are about the same size you think, and I do love the taste of coconut. Do I dare? Could this change my life for the better? Nope, that's really dumb. Marshmallows taste good. You shake your head at the absurdity of it all, grab the marshmallows and make a mental note to smoke some Cane Mint later that evening. Crisis averted.

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    Wtf? What a waste of time clicking this. I usually read the articles because theyre informative but this...cmon now. Dont waste peoples time.
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  • I actually thought this was pretty funny. I like the fact that these guys like to show their sense of humor like this. i liked it
  • I think you have forgotten to mention a matter that may affect a billion people: in Indian tradition, it is considered auspicious to crack open a coconut for special events, eg wedding, opening a new office, purchase of a new car, etc. This is done by slamming the coconut on the floor in front of said new object.  It may be unwise to slam coconut coals around instead of cracking open a coconut. The black just not seem auspicious enough.

    My 2c...but hey you guys are the pros...
  • I usually open these articles knowing I won't find out anything new, but this was both a pleasant surprise, and down right ridiculous.
  • Hey this was fun! Thanks guys. I needed a giggle and today has been stressful and upon unwinding with my hookah and Bernie Sanders news I checked my email and found this. Now, all good fun BUT....can you do an in depth Q&A on coals in general. I have large bowls and I am a large guy. I smoke A LOT! I use 6 coals these days on my Large bowl (Tangiers, old style). It seems any less and the flavor profile is diminished. If I use 4 coals and cover it with the wind baffle I taste and get burned shisha quick. Just sayin'
  • V
    Lighten up, folks. It's okay to be a little silly when cabin-fever hits.
  • And here I thought this was actually going to be a some-what informative article having informative new and old hookah smokers could gleen some knowledge from, like if you should use a coal after smothering it and leaving it out in humidity overnight or something that wasn't a complete asinine waste of time.
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