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Cinco De Mayo Hookah Flavors

Hola! Que paso, excuse our Spanish but we are getting ready for the celebration of Cinco De Mayo. This southwestern celebration includes festivities from many Spanish backgrounds, so you can expect to see some salsa dancing and lots of margaritas. On our side town we like to celebrate by smoking flavors that reflect the Cinco De Mayo spirit, cocktail drink blends, citrus notes, and some melon blends. Of course you'll need some Horchata and Margarita flavors to get a real festive hookah bowl going, but here are some other flavors profiles we'll be smoking.


Al Fakher

Al Fakher shisha tobacco has a great collection of single note flavors that can be used for delicious bowl combinations. One of our favorites from their original collection is Mojito, it contains the perfect amount of lime with mint and it blends easily to make delicious citrus based concoctions. The Al Fakher special edition line provides pre-made blends from melon to strawberry, while satisfying many taste buds in between. Citrus Spirit with Sparkle on top will definitely get the party started.



The Fantasia line of shisha contains a solid Margarita flavor with a subtle sweetness and sour aroma that translates well throughout the duration of the bowl. Most people expect to have some margaritas during Cinco, but with a little help from the Fantasia Ice series you can add some fresh fruit notes to that Margarita and raise the coolness factor. The Fantasia Ice series adds a strong cooling sensation to your bowl without a real mint taste, so use these flavors to make those blends that you wished had a little chill to them.



The Starbuzz shisha selection contains flavors from 3 individual collections, Starbuzz Shisha, Starbuzz Bold Shisha , and Starbuzz Vintage Shisha. Whether you're looking for spicy, mint, sweet, and/or floral for this festive bowl, we're more than positive you'll find something within the collections. We went for their bold flavor Margarita Freeze because it's almost perfectplus you can add a little Grapefruit Mint or Watermelon Freeze at the top for an incredible session. If you haven't tried the Starbuzz Vintage Fresh Lime, you and all the friends at the party are missing out on a phenomenal smoking experience. We tend to smoke our Fresh Lime with a little bit of Al Fakher Mango; be sure let us know what you think below.



Fumari doesn't make a Margarita flavor but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some fresh Mandarin Zest with a splash of Guava. Every party needs fat clouds and Fumari doesn't lack in this department, so fire up a straight bowl of Guava and possibly toss in some refreshing Limoncello to brighten the flavor. We can't forget about their recent Tangelo flavor which goes well with any of the blends below, but also serves as a great stand alone flavor.



Haze is established in the South of Texas and they know how to use their spices right, setting you up for a great day of smoking. Their Cheech and Chong line has provided us with new blends that can't be found in any other brand, like their most recent release, "Hey Man", which adds a little chili to the mango tamarindo flavor profile. Nice Dreams gives you a smooth berry-margarita mix that works well as a secret component or solo, and the spice mint from Mint Fiesta takes any bowl to the next level. If you've smoked Margarita blends in the past but you're looking for something more than sweet and sour, check the Cucumberita (staff favorite) for a burst fresh Cucumber with citrus like banknotes.


Social Smoke

Do you have that one friend who only eats spicy food? Well fire up a bowl of Social Smoke Mango Habanero and watch them fall in love with this unique flavor crafted with the use of real Habanero extract. If you don't think you can handle all the heat just mix in a little Cali Peach to add some sweetness to your spice with a bold peach aftertaste. The Horchata Cajeta was made for this holiday, and every day after it; enjoy it by itself for a rich and creamy cinnamon spice session or add some Cinnamint for a delicious surprise. If people start to lose the craving for margaritas, give them a curve-ball and toss on some Passion Fruit Mojito. 



Did somebody spike the Horchata? Nope that's just the Tangiers buzz hitting you after you've experienced the roller coaster of creamy cinnamon clouds that we call Noir Horchata. We enjoy smoking this flavor all by itself, no mixing needed, but if you want to toss something in there try Cocoa and not CANE MINT ( it doesn't go with everything). Pika Sun was introduced last year for our 15th anniversary, and since then the delicious tropical melon blend has only provided smiles for it's users. Even though Pika sits in the tropical category just add some New Lime or Mimon, and try to find someone who would turn down that aroma.



Despite the non-descriptive packaging we promise that these Nakhla flavors should be in your arsenal for a sweet and sour shindig. It's hard to find someone that doesn't like orange flavored shisha, and Nakhla may hit the sweet spot for orange lovers with their Mandarin flavor. They've created a margarita flavor (center box) that blends well with the Mandarin, and if you add a pinch of Mizo Mint that bowl instantly becomes EN FUEGO, which is what we want for the party. If you want to move away from the citrus tones, grab some Sweet Melon and mix it with their super smooth coconut blend to wind down for the night.


Hookah Hookah

Are you looking for an off the wall shisha flavor, probably one you wouldn't think exist? Just check out the huge flavor offering from the Hookah-Hookah shisha collection, and your greatest flavor ideas may have already been created. Tamarind is a sweet fruit that can be sour at times depending on when it's picked, the shisha flavor plays more to the sweeter side so we like to sour tones from their sour fruit collection of flavors. Their standard Guava flavor is hard to beat if you're looking for a long lasting flavor with a more natural taste, and of course you can toss some Margarita in there.



The Hookafina flavor catalogue can be enjoyed within their standard washed tobacco line, contained in the silver cylindrical tin of awesomeness. You can also find their greatest hits in a unwashed formula from the Hookafina Blak collection, but for this party let's go with something a little brighter unless you're partying with a lot of hookah enthusiasts. The Mojito blend is great by itself, but we had incredible session by adding a decent amount of Lime-O-Nada at the top of our mix, and if you want to get fancy just add lemon or Ginger-Lemonade. This isn't the day to bring out a standard peach flavor because we want the spice, so fire up the Spicy Peach and see how long it takes until you get the hose back.