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Hookah Education: How-to Clean A Hookah Base

The contents of your hookah base are very vital to the flavor and overall experience with your hookah session. We recommend that you use clean water for a traditional experience and to achieve the optimal flavor from your choice of shisha. You might've seen or experienced wine, juice, or other fruity beverages used inside the base which happens to be enjoyed in many areas when prepared properly. (Pro tip: Wine is diluted with water, a little bit goes a long way.) So let's say you put juice in the base and you have a funky film in the base or you don't empty your water after every session and now you have a ring stain, what do you do? CLEAN IT!! Not only does cleaning the base allow you to enhance your flavor, it also fights against mold and bacteria build up. The greatest hookah sessions are achieved with a clean hookah and base.

Items needed:

Items needed to clean a hookah base

Base Brush - Theses handy plastic pom poms play the most important role in this process. (Do you need a base brush?)

Bling Glass Cleaner (optional)- Helps bring back the shine with scrubbing crystal while knocking out any ghosted flavors.

Water: Room temperature. Sudden temperature changes with glass bases can cause cracks leading to a broken base.

Step 1: Fill your base

Fill the glass base 1/2-3/4 full of water, you can add dish soap but you'll need to rinse it thoroughly before use. If you have bubbles after rinsing then there's a good chance you have soap residue in your base.

Step 2: Insert base brush

You could insert the brush without using water but you'd be missing out on the liquid force that helps dislodge hardened stains. Scrub the interior completely and utilize the flexibility of the brush to get hard to reach spots.

Step 3: Rinse & repeat

Swish the base around for a couple of spins and empty your water. Hold your base high to eye level and spot check for any rings or stains. If it's not to your liking give it another brush treatment. If you're not using the base immediately after cleaning it, place the base upside down on a safe area in a sink or towel to allow any excess water to drain.

Step 4: Fight the funk

Alright you've cleaned your base but it still smells like Lebanese Bombshell, how do we fix it? Lemon juice! Give your base a lemon juice rinse diluted with water to rid the base of any lingering aromas, or use Bling glass cleaner for scrubbing and deodorizing.

Step 5: Enjoy!

That's it you're now complete and you have a crystal clear base, now grab a flavor to start the party! If you have any questions about this process or any other tutorial, be sure to leave it in the comments below or contact us.