The Hookah Community Using Their Voice: Reviving The Dead

The hookah community uses their voice

The Hookah Community Gets Their Bowl!

Is this a first for the hookah community? We have seen several popular products come and go, leaving fans upset and craving an immediate return. Collectible items like authentic Syrian pipes, classic Tangiers phunnel bowls, or the original Al Fakher hookahs are among a list of products that are no longer manufactured but highly sought after. These products and many more are often sold in facebook groups, forums, or online postings. The companies behind most of these collectibles have closed down, while others have switched focus to produce new products.


Thanks to the hookah fanatics a push was made for the re-release of accessories that very rarely appear within sale postings. The dragon balls were collected and two bowls were revived from the dead, leaving Krillin floating around in the afterlife. So let’s take a look at one of the rare revival moments in hookah history.

 The Hookah community

What is the Hookah Community?

Believe or not, if you own a hookah you’re apart of the family. We’re all connected with a mutual love for hookah and we could easily talk to new friends about our hobby. Once hookah smokers encounter each other the conversations could go on for hours, especially when there’s a bowl to share. These conversations flourish within the online hookah community, and evolve into debates or passionate appreciation. Taking in feedback from social media platforms like youtube, facebook, and instagram, many companies can make educated decision on a what to bring to the market. Smart companies utilize feedback from these outlets to get the ball rolling on new ideas, while following current trends in our lifestyle to make the right decisions. 

Alien Bowl life after death

Life After Death

In 2010 the Alien Mini Hookah Bowl hit the market boasting a huge spire gauge and a super shallow interior. A snowball effect of popularity happened with this design when people the easy in preparing shisha saving bowls, including your tangiers sessions. At the time all you need was a Khalil Mamoon hookah and these handmade shafts were often equipped with medium gauge downstems. Slapping on a wide gauge bowl on these stems produced amazing sessions, and at the time large spire openings were kind of a new experience. The Tangiers Phunnel, Vortex, and classic Egyptian bowls were the fan favorites but none of them saved shisha like these Aliens.

Alien Hookah Bowl

Once those initial batches sold out a replacement order was made and after a couple of years cosmetic changes began to occur. When new colors were introduced the shallow depth started to deepen as the spire went through several changes. Dealing with handmade products doesn’t always result in consistent quality, but what we were seeing was a complete overhaul to the original design. The hookah scene saw one of its bumps in popularity during 2012-2014, and even though the Alien bowl moved away from its classic style, the market wanted that bowl in their collection.

If you have an original Alien bowl there's a good chance that a collector would spend $50+ to take it off your hands. The newcomers might shake their hand at that statement but it’s the truth. As hookah smokers become more knowledgeable about the history of hookah and the accessories available to them, new desires are conjured. Stories of experiences with rare products are posted and shared through the community, causing a little envy and curiosity with the ones that missed out.

Alien Flashback Hookah Bowl

Well What Do We Have Here

Thanks to your feedback we now carry the reincarnation of the 2010 Alien Mini and it’s new name is the “Flashback Alien Bowl.” Standing at 3.75” with a 2.5” diameter , the Flashback Alien measures out to a smaller size than the current Alien. We’re pretty sure there hasn’t been a bowl this shallow on the site since the original Alien hit our shelves. Modern stylings caught up with the release of the bowls, so the available colors have been updated with sleek glaze patterns. Limestone and Sarsaparilla were the standout colors for us, and there’s 4 more options up for your choosing. We use this bowl with foil only, as the Kaloud Lotus will rest on the bowl but the overhang is serious and we promote safe smoking.

Retro Harmony Hookah Bowl

Wait Didn’t You Say There Was Two Bowls?

Yes, this second bowl design arrived after about 3 years in the afterlife. The story is almost identical with the Alien, as the current Harmony Bowl became deeper many people wanted to see a shallower interior back on the market. This design hasn't been off the market long enough to be considered a flashback, but the "Retro" title seemed to fit the bill. The Retro Harmony bowl is 4" tall with a 3" diameter, so using a heat management device is not a problem in your future. The thinner interior shaves off about 10 grams from your required shisha, and you’ll only need 15-23g for a great session. The 6 color options are identical to the Alien Flashback, so grab a matching pair as they may become a collectors set at some point.

Magic Hookah Lamp

Does Anyone Have A Magic Lamp?

That’s it everyone we revived two products, but was it a the right decision? Did we use our revive to early? We’ll have to wait and see what the feedback is in a couple of months. If you could bring back a any hookah product what would it be? Tangiers Blue Gumball, Starbuzz UFO, copper KM downstems? I’d love to hear your feedback, so don’t hesitate to drop us your thoughts below.

Thanks for reading!

Smoke. Love. Peace.