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Friday The 13th - $13 Mystery Grab Bag


It was a special Friday the 13th here at Hookah-Shisha!

We went through the warehouse and grabbed a bunch of different hookah items that we like for a mystery grab bag.

All of the items selected retailed between $20-$150 and the bag cost $13. (For Friday The 13th)

We also tripled the reward points on the "Friday The 13th Grab Bag" purchase.

Here's a peak at 13 of the 30+ items we sent out.

This will only be available from July 13th 12:00am cst - 11:59pm cdt


smart funl

It's about as rare as a Friday the 13th ;)

2) 100g Triple Pack Of Nirvana Shisha

Nirvana Double Pack

The buzz is coming to you x3!

3) Nammor Gold Conquest Hookah

Pharaohs Nubia Hookah

This is one hookah but are there others hmmmm...

4) Nakhla Double Apple Kilo

Nahkla Double Apple

We hope the people that get this really like Double Apple.

5) SmartFunl - Shisha Dispenser

Shisha Smart Funl

A device ahead of it's time, welcome to 2020.

6) Randomly Selected Alpaca Bowls

phunnel hookah bowl

You know we have several styles, which one will you get.

7) Furat Hookah

egypt hookah

The little engine that could.....deliver huge clouds.

8) Trifecta - Natural Order

natural order

The best flavor in the world. These jars include doodles on them.

9) Cocobrico 3kg Box

natural order


10) Natural Coal Burner

coal burner

You know it's time to replace yours, lets hope you get it.

11) Mystery Phunnel Bowls

glass hookah

More bowls, more clouds!

12) Starbuzz Vintage 2 Pack

vintage shisha

Double the vintage, double the fun!

13) Aviator Hose

special hose

Yep, the really fancy hookah hose.

Are We CrazY?

Possibly, but we're having fun and hope you are as well. Enjoy your bag and thanks for getting freaky with us.