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10 New Al Fakher Shisha Custom Mixes

When we talk about the basics of Hookah there's one brand that always pops up in the conversation...Al Fakher. The Al Fakher brand has been around in the hookah community before some of us were even thought of, plus a few more years on top of that.

The goal of their flavor line up is to provide you with very accurate and vibrant single note flavors. All of their shisha flavors can be enjoyed as a single flavor smoke session and they're even tastier when you mix em up!

Today, I'm going to lay out my TOP 10 AL FAKHER MIXES that I've/we've smoked and enjoyed in no particular order.

#1 BLORANGE - Blueberry/Orange

You normally don't come across oranges and blueberries on the same plate unless you're at a continental breakfast or you just like to eat healthy. In the culinary and hookah world these flavors are on polar opposites on the flavor spectrum, which is why we brought them together to see what would happen.

Let's just say good things happen! The bright citrus notes collide with the sweet blueberry aroma to deliver a unique orange-berry taste that we call BLORANGE. We don't mix the shisha together before loading on this mix; it's tastier to have them sit side-by-side or layered on top of each other.

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#2 Hookah & Shisha Works - Lemon/Rose/Jasmine

For fans of aromatic scents that may cause wildlife animals to come out and join you in a cheerful song, we present "Hookah & Shisha Works" (insert trademark). Once this mix is smoking, you might have small flashbacks to department store candle sections, as you take a stroll smelling all the citrus and floral notes.

We like to use a larger blended amount of Lemon and Jasmine, while layering the Rose around the bowl in different areas. Rose can over-power the Jasmine so use it wisely, unless you really like ROSE.

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#3 Preach Coco - Peach/Coconut/Vanilla

Oooohhh girl! Who put the peach in the coconut? This mix right here is how you keep the party going and have people ask you if you're in fact THE-HOOKAH-MASTER. Al Fakher Peach by itself is a powerful white peach taste that becomes instantly enhanced with a splash of Vanilla.

Those two flavors by themselves would be a pretty basic blend and that's when you bring in the Coconut that causes heads to explode! Well, maybe not explode but they'll be scratching their head wondering why the bowl is so good. You can respond "Preach COCO!" than promptly walk away.

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#4 Deep Red - Grenadine/Cherry/Mint

The red berries may not be everyone's favorite but for the Cherry fans, myself included, this mix is delicious. When you see the words "Grenadine" you might think of the red syrup mixer for alcoholic beverages, Michael Scott, or a fancier way to say Grenade. The Al Fakher box for their Grenadine depicts a juicy pomegranate fruit and that's exactly what your taste buds will receive.

In this mix the slightly tart Pomegranate can be blended with cherry before you place the tobacco in your bowl, or you can mix it with mint and leave the cherry on top. The mint is just for....mint. If you really want a punch of red go ahead and drop the mint from the equation.

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#5 Carduava "car-dwa-va" Apple - Double Apple Mint/Guava/Cardamon

This is going to sound a little crazy for my Al Fakher Double Apple fans out there, but read me out for second. In preparation for Carduava Apple (insert trademark) you will need to mix the Double Apple Mint with Cardamon in a 50/50 portion. Cardamon has a slight cooling by itself but it will get a little lost in a blend like this, so I like to use Double Apple Mint. Feel free to play around with your own mint and the standard Double Apple or no mint at all.

Once you have your 2 part mix complete, start loading it into a bowl while grabbing small amounts of guava to sprinkle in between as you go. You will only need a small amount of Guava and it should be evenly placed within your bowl.

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#6 Coca Bowla - Cola/Cherry/Mint Cream

Did you know Cola shisha flavors exist in our big world of Hookah? Al Fakher Cola is one of their more unique flavors in the lineup because we're not really sure what makes it cola but it's definitely COLA.

Our goal with this mix is to create a blend of cherry cola mix with a touch of cool cream. The mint cream is very sweet by itself, so we don't want to use too much as it might overpower the bowl.

Lay out some of your Cola shisha and sprinkle the Cherry flavor right on top, then blend it together. If you've never had Cola by Al Fakher, try to have more of it in your mix than the cherry, afterwards you can play around with the portions once you've got a taste for the Cola. Now that we have some Cherry Cola action in our bowl, we'll add Mint Cream in a small pockets around the outer rim or layered between.

Now you've got yourself a bowl of COCA BOWLA (Insert Trademark).

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#7 Fuhgetaboutit - Watermelon/Citrus Mint/Kiwi

Are you having a fuh-get-ful day? The kind where the last thing you want to think about is the percentages and flavors required to create a great shisha mix? Say no more; we've got you covered with a mix we like to call "Fuhgetaboutit" simply because when it comes to the percentages you simply FUHGETABOUTIT.

Watermelon and kiwi are great together but the Citrus Mint always comes through with ease to really kick off this mix. As long as you have these three flavors inside of you bowl, you've completed the mix. There's no real preparation that needs explanation for this one, besides don't eat it.

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#8 Melle Mojo - Mojito/Melon/Lemon

When Al Fakher released Mojito as part of their original lineup of flavors, it took several of us by surprise because it wasn't a traditional single note flavor. If you've ever wondered what an Al Fakher lime flavor would taste like, it's all inside the Mojito mix with a splash of sweet cooling mint, but mostly lime.

The Melle Mojo is created by mixing Mojito and Lemon together before adding the Melon flavor component. The Melon flavoring keeps the bowl from getting too bitter/warm from the Lime & Lemon combo, and brings out a delicious flavor that bounces from being at the forefront to the background throughout your session.

If you want more coolness on the inhale, swap out the Lemon for Lemon Mint.

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#9 Grapeful Dead & Company - Grapefruit Mint/Pineapple/Orange

How delicious is Grapefruit Mint from Al Fakher? It's amazing! Sorry, I answered for you but I'm sure you agreed. When you're ready to chill out with some Grapeful Dead & Company, go ahead and grab a good amount Grapefruit because that's the focus of this blend.

You can mix your flavors or prepare them side by side in your bowl. I like to place my Grapefruit as half of the diameter on my bowl with my Pineapple and Orange split equally to fill in the rest.

A great thing about this mix is that you can reverse the portions with either one of the flavors other than grapefruit for some tasty results.

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#10 Blueberry Encore - Blueberry Mint/Lemon Mint/Vanilla

If you thought one mint was enough, after a few crowd chants, a second mint comes out for the encore! We're wrapping up this mix list with a sweet blueberry backed by a tart note to make the berry POP. The Vanilla ties a beautiful bow on the mix and as you exhale it's nice and cool.

When it comes to mixing this last blend, we want you to have fun! Mix the Lemon Mint and Vanilla before adding Blueberry? Sure, go for it, or just mix the Blueberry and Lemon with a sprinkle of Vanilla on top.

As long as you have these 3 flavors in your bowl it's going to be a tasty session; worthy of an encore.

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What Are Your Favorite Mixes? WIN STORE CREDIT

Alright ladies and gentlemen, I have given you 10 never before seen (on our site) mixes that I think you'll really enjoy! My questions to you is what's your favorite Al Fakher mix? Does it have a name?

We'll try your mixes here in the warehouse and our favorite ones will make it into our custom shisha category.


Thank for reading.


Comments (60) -

  • I really enjoy peach with watermelon mint and mint.  It’s really sweet and candy like.  I also like peach with orange cream for similiar reasons.  Don’t think either has a name.
  • My favorite mix is Strawberry and Orange! No mint and the perfect amount of sweet and citrus yum!💨
  • Zac
    Sweet tart: 50%Rose, 25% orange mint and 25% grapefruit mint (allAF)

    Sherbert: 30% AF rose, 30% AF orange mint, 30% trifecta Nawar, 10% hipster mint.
  • Greetings from Russia! Nice article, will check some of these mixes. I would like also to add here receipt that we call "St. Petersburg's Classic": Al-Fakher Grape 60%, AF Lemon 20%, AF Mint 10%
  • I’ve been on gum cinnamon for a while but a grapefruit mint/orange mix is bomb. Especially in the summertime! 😎
  • I love strawberry and banana mixed together!!
  • AF Jasmine, Apricot and Peach, lovingly know as Peach Jasmicot.
    I mix a 250 of Jasmine and a 250 of Apricot in a bowl and let sit for an hour or so to really let the flavors combine.
    During bowl prep I add about 25% peach to the bowl. (I keep the peach separate so it doesn't over power the Jasmicot)
  • We just call it counter trash. We smoke a combination of the same flavors. Typically what it ends up being is a mix of blueberry, grapefruit, golden orange, and mint with cream.
  • I love Blueberry/Mango/Peach/Mint. I tried it this week and it was absolutely delightful
  • One of my most favorite mixes of all time is Pomegranate , Vanilla and a splash of mint. 40% or pomegranate and 40% Vanilla and 20% of mint.
  • I love pineapple, watermelon mint & mojito.

    Also blueberry mint & pineapple.
  • Blueberry Muffin: 70% AF blueberry, 30% AF Vanilla
  • 1. Social Smoke watermelon chill(60%) with 40% mazaya mastic gum.
    Social smoke is super flavorful already. Adding some mastic gum adds a different type of cooling to the already present mint.
    2. Double Apple 50% with mazaya 4 seasons 50%.
    All the traditional goodness of double apple, mixed with the citrus goodness makes such a fresh flavor.
    3. Kiwi Lemon(50%) with Gum Cinnamon(50%). Sweetness of kiwi mixed with the cooling gun and the string cinnamon flavor make another perfect combination
  • My favorite is simple I smoke it daily it’s Alfakher grape and mint ,it’s not too sweet and not too minty
  • My favorite mix is 50% Al Fakher Mojito with 30% BlackBerry and 20% mint. Tastes like my favorite mixed drink.
  • Orange cream, double apple, and limon mint. It is intense, but the limon and orange balance the heavy 2apple, and the mint pulls it forward in the throat again.
  • Kiwi. Banana and vanilla or kiwi peach vanilla!
  • Oh also!
    Strawberry banana and vanilla!
  • Can't go wrong with strawberry cream + mixed berry. Reminds me of those creme saver candies!
  • Guava and grape mint (grape escape)

    50/50 ratio
  • Man I love Al Fakher flavors , one of my favorite mixes will have to be Grapefruit, orange, and a tad bit of mint to offset em , lawddd ! It’s like a Bahamamama or Smoke ! MUST TRY
  • Melon strawberry honey
  • My favorite mix of all time has to be Al fakher watermelon , Al Fakher Mint with cream and Al Fakher melon for an amazing mix I call it melon lovers paradise to who ever wins best of luck to you all 😊😊
  • My tasty mint :
    Mint and Jasmin 40/40 %
    And 20% lemon
    Enjoy friends
  • That Melle Mojo sounds super good.

    I’ve always preferred Al Fakher shisha. My go to combination lately has been watermelon and guava with a dash of mint. Seriously the best combination have had to date.
  • Citrus blast

    30% Orange+ 30% lemon + 30%grapefruit + 10% mint
  • Apple + Chocolate = afternoon snack

    Apple + Cinnamon + Vanilla = apple pie

    one that i had from a place near me that was good was Honey + Coconut + Vanilla

    now one i want to try is the Orange, Grenadina, and Honey... it's a nod to a Tequilla SunRise.

  • I call it W. T. F.  Watermelon the fruit cocktail. Very fruity, very unique.
  • Chocolate- 30%
    Blueberry- 35%
    Orange-    10%
    Mint-      25%
  • Lemon- 15%
    Melon- 35%
    Berry- 50%

    If your craving a fruity/minty bowl, add 5% mint with only 10% lemon.
  • equal parts
    Rose, Jasmine, Lemon, Mint
  • 30% Melon(cantaloupe)
    20% Honey
    15% Berry
    15% Blueberry
    10% lemon
    10% mint

  • I really enjoy lemon mint with orange or citrus mint with gum.
    Both are pretty refreshing to smoke after a long day.
  • Al Fakher Fresh and Gum Mint is one of my all time favorite mixes. I call it Cool Breeze and its most refreshing on a nice warm day. 50/50 of each flavor.

    Al Fakher Grape and Melon makes for a rich, flavorful mix I like to call Melon De Bourgogne. A big hit amongst my friend. 50/50 of each flavor.

    Al Fakher Double Apple and Grapefruit for a mix I like to call Day Spa. 75 of Double Apple, 25 of Grapefruit. If you like, can add a touch of mint for cooling flavor.

    Last but not least, one of my newest creations that requires bringing in one flavor from outside the Al Fakher family. 50 of Al Fakher Rose, 40 of Al Fakher Mint, 10 of Afzal Paan. This is a flavor that will knock your socks off with the floral and spice flavors combined with that amazing cooling sensation.
  • I really like a 50/50 mix between blueberry mint/peach. These two are also some of my favorite stand-alone flavors, and when mixed together its a mix of sweet fruity greatness.
  • Coconut + pineapple + strawberry. I call it Miami vice lol.
  • Pipe Dream Savage

    This mix was featured on the YouTube channel Pipe Dream Hookah with Adrian Hunter and Sally Park, the Shisha Savage. All it is - 50% Orange Mint and Blueberry Mint, mixed and repacked, Egyptian clay bowl, 3 cubes or 4 flats/cubettes.

    Azure Nebula
    An area of space on Star Trek occupied by Tholians. Azure dark mix and section pack of 10-15% Bermuda Mint, 40% each of California Blue and Royal Citrus. Mint across from each other as equal as possible, fill in the blue and citrus in the empty spaces, semi-dense pack, 2 far in, but not directly over shisha flats or 2 far out cubes.
  • Me and my friends used to experiment with al fakher to make fun flavors, we figured out Sweet tart which is one half blueberry, then 1/6ths of cherry, kiwi and grape.
    One I like is Hawaiian Punch flavored exactly, it’s cherry, orange and a little bit of blueberry
  • The couple blends I’ve been using lately are:
    Grave Mint
    -Rose, Vanilla, Mint
    Chocolate covered cherry
    -Cherry, Chocolate, Mint

    Mint about 50% and the others Equal part. Mix it up with more or less rose and chocolate to get a little interesting 😄
  • The two flavors I’ve been mixing up lately

    Grave mint
    -Rose, Vanilla, Mint
    Chocolate covered Cherry/Banana
    -Cherry/Banana, Chocolate, Mint

    Usually about 50% mint and 25% if the others. I prefer more Rose than vanilla but the Rose can be powerful
  • My classic favorite mix would be peach and rose for a citrus kiss
  • Contest is over, but here's my AF jam:

    "Orange Heaven"

    50% AF Orange Cream
    30% AF Orange
    20% AFG Golden Orange

    *note: MUST be smoked out of a large organic half-slice of a Navel orange
    :o     :l      Smile        ;)
  • 50/50 peach & Mint Alfaker Brand

    50/50 Blueberry & Mint Alfaker Brand

    White Gummy- Fumari Brand mix with Orange from Alfaker

    Citrus Mist Starbuzz  & Mint to add a kick

    Orange , Blueberry & Mint Mix

    Cocojumbo from Starbuzz with Queen of sex and mint

  • I love 50% watermelon mint, 25 % guava, and 25% sweet melon (icy melon)
  • BMW
    Equal parts of

    I never liked bubblegum, until this
  • POM
    Equal parts of
  • KGM
    Equal parts of
  • sy
    rose milk tea:
    30%: AF rose
    70%: AF mint cream

    I love rose but sadly my bf can't stand it. Still this mix reminds me of rose milk tea with how creamy the AF mint cream is
  • Mac
    Blueberry Mint & Grape Mint
  • Mac
    Mango, guava, kiwi, mint
  • Orange mint, lemon, blue mist, and mint. It's called Citrus Cyclone
    Bubble gum, and pineapple. It's called Juicy Fruit
    Apple, orange, blue mist. It's called Rainbow Flare
  • Strawberry Coconut Mint or
    Cherry blueberry mint  or
    Cherry coconut mint  or
    Guava Mint  or

    Some flav I like
  • Four Loco:

    Energy Drink + Grenadine + Blue Berry/Mist/Lemon/Strawberry


  • > cherry, grenadine
    > cinnamon gum, double apple
    > golden grape, rose
    > orange, peach
    > pineapple, coconut, kiwi
    > orange, peach, vanilla