Hookah Shisha Podcast - Episode 1 - Now Available

Hookah-Shisha has a Podcast?

What happens when two employees at the worlds #1 hookah site prepare a bowl of hookah and get behind a mic? MAGIC!

Ladies and gentlemen, we're very excited to announce that we are in the Podcast game with our very first upload; H-S Podcast Episode: 1 | Feet In The Water. You can find/follow our Podcast on Soundcloud and Spotify with more platforms around the corner.

These are the views and voices of two members from the hookah-shisha team, Sean and SMOKEorPASS (myself). We'll definitely talk Hookah and site updates in each stream but expect to hear about comics, entertainment, gaming, and whatever else that comes to our minds.

New episodes will be released every Wednesday.

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What Were We Smoking On This Episode?

Sean's Setup:


Thanks for listening!

Thank you in advance for streaming or following us, we'll see you at the next show.