Hookah Shisha Podcast - Episode 2 - Now Available

Hookah-Shisha has a Podcast...with 2 episodes!

If you listened to our first Podcast from last week, we want to thank you! If you're showing up now and missed last week, it's OK we still like you.

In episode 2 of the H-S podcast we're talking about the Spring season, our favorite bowls, as well as one of the greatest movies of 2007. You may hear SMOKEorPASS shamelessly plug shisha flavor pages that he made, while Sean gives you an update on a new CATEGORY that he's created for you.

These are the views and voices of two members from the hookah-shisha team, Sean and SMOKEorPASS (myself).

New episodes will be released every Wednesday.

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What Were We Smoking On This Episode?

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