Hookah Shisha Podcast - Episode 4 - Now Available

Ah Here We Go Again, A New Hope.

We're currently celebrating 19 years of service with a birthday sale! We don't have to tell you that nineteen years is a long time but we can tell about what was cool back then for hookah and the rest of the world.

We'll take a trip down memory lane as we remember how our first hookah session went down at our local hookah lounges.

Sean and myself jump into the "WAYBACK" time machine and explore the early offerings from Hookah-Shisha. How many brands do you think there were on this site almost two decades ago?

Click here to explore the site in the earliest save point that we found in 2002

Days At The Renfest

We know you want the pics to match our awesome adventures from today's stream, so here you go: