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Pharaoh's Saber Hookah Hose Review

Pharaoh's Saber Hookah Hose Review

We've been waiting for the day that someone would take a silicone hookah hose and apply some awesome patterns to the exterior.

Our wait is over and we now have 8 new hookah hoses from the Pharaoh's Hookah team. The Saber hookah hose features multiple tubing color options in camouflage, as well as a carbon fiber and woven crosshatch design.

Besides the unique patterns, one of our favorite features about the Saber hose is the super soft silicone tubing exterior. You won't have to worry about this hose collecting dust or debris on this hose because the smooth velvety tube prevents those headaches and keeps your setup looking clean.

The handle portion can be disassembled for an easier cleaning process and you'll have no trouble attaining a tasty session with washable interior of the silicone tube.

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What colors or patterns would you want to see applied to a silicone hookah hose?

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