H-S Podcast - Episode 9 - Now Available

Who's Hungry & Smoking Hookah At The Same Time?

We Are! Ladies and gentlemen what you're about to hear in our latest podcast episode might make you a little bit hungry! This is your only warning.

Sean and myself spend a lot of time together in the office and we've seen each other eat an assortment of food items with our hookah sessions through the years. Now we're taking a moment to step back and analyze our food choices and see if they're the right pick for hookah sessions.

Do you like burgers or pizza with your hookah session? What do you like to drink while you smoke? Are there things you shouldn't be eating while you have a hookah?

The first couple of questions are really based on your opinion but we're covering all our bases in this episode simply titled "The Munchies". Kick back, grab a snack, and pick up your hookah hose, it's time for the hookah shisha podcast.

New episodes will be released every Wednesday!

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What Were We Smoking On This Episode? - Pictures coming shortly...

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