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Top 5 Creamy Hookah Tobacco Flavors

Every once in a while you'll come to a point in your hookah flavor cravings for a nice bowl of something creamy and possibly decadent. Unlike vape and e-juice flavors our hookah market isn't overloaded with flavors that fit the cream based flavor profile, so when you find a good one you keep it in your rotation for ever.

We've had a few creamy hookah flavors enter our bowl in previous sessions and lucky for you we've remembered them all for a quick TOP 5 list.

All of these flavor can be enjoyed in any style of hookah or hookah bowl unless otherwise stated. Just make sure you have a new hose if it's your first session with these blends.

These flavors are in no particular order. How many have you tried?

1. Nirvana Telephone Milk

This flavor is a new one for us here and it just might be the buzziest blend on this list. Telephone Milk may throw some people off by the name but we promise it's a pretty easy flavor profile to pinpoint, vanilla and cream. You can easily enjoy this blend a solo session but if you're like John in the video above, you're just thinking of all the flavor mix recipes that you could create.

Nirvana Super Shisha has a boosted buzz profile thanks to the infusion of Dokha tobacco, if you're new to hookah this buzz might be a little too strong for you. Friendly reminder: Adding milk to your hookah will not make your flavors creamy. You just make mold.

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2. Trifecta Peppermint Shake

Do you want to put a smile on all your friends faces after they take a hit from your hookah? Then Trifecta Peppermint Shake is the flavor you need inside your bowl for a delicious trip down a creamy and cool road. This blonde leaf blend takes a sweetened peppermint flavor and pours a bucket of smooth creaminess on top but some how never loses it cool.

This was an instant win from our initial smell test and a certified grand slam after smoking it. The Trifecta blonde leaf cut of tobacco is very easy to use in several hookah bowl designs and it provides great flavor longevity.

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3. Al Fakher Mint Cream

We know you've heard about Al Fakher and if you haven't, welcome to the world of hookah. Some of the most well versed hookah smokers have never tasted the creamy side of the Al Fakher flavor collection. Their Mint Cream blend is great for making several different mixes, but if you're looking for an easy solo flavor session just toss this concoction in your bowl.

It's not an ice cold blend but you'll have a cooling sensation with each inhale and it can be enjoyed by beginners on their very first bowl. The Al Fakher cream collection also includes Orange Cream, Strawberry Cream, and Grape Cream if the mint is not enough.

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4. Tangiers Welsh Cream