H-S Podcast - Episode 11 - Now Available

Welcome To The Darkside .... Of The Leaf

It only took us eleven episodes to become one with the DARKSIDE. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for buzzy trip down memory lane as we recall our first experiences with dark leaf hookah tobacco. Everyone has to start somewhere and even though we work at Hookah-Shisha doesn't mean we've been "hookah experts" our whole life.

Do you remember your first bowl of Tangiers? We can recall ours as vividly as my memory of the 3rd grade science fair that resulted in my project being sabotaged by the new kid and my teacher didn't believe me. UGH I'm still caught up about that one.

Are you ready for E3? Do you like video games? The second part of the podcast takes us to the magical world of video games. This is where you'll hear about our gaming preferences while we smoke and the TOP 5 video games in our lives.

Get ready for some laughs, trials and tribulations, with a few stinky bowls.

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What Were We Smoking On This Episode?

Sean's Setup:


Do You Know How To Pack Tangiers Cane Mint?

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  • Don't enjoy Kashmir Peach? What? Gross? Just go away. I can't even....