Do Blondes Have More Fun? - H-S Podcast Episode 14

Is Blonde Leaf Tobacco Better Than Dark?

Hey! That's classified information, but it's your lucky day because we'll be dropping a wealth of knowledge upon your noggin in our latest podcast episode. You'll discover the reasons why blonde leaf might be so popular, as well as our favorite moments in blonde tobacco history and so much more!

The A/C is broken is broken in our office, so be prepared to hear us complain about it.

You're gonna laugh as usual because we've got some unique tips to help you survive the summer and a couple fantastic flavor reviews in our "What's It Taste Like" segment.

If you're a hardcore dark leaf fan then you should check out our 11th episode "The Darkside Of The Leaf", but we think you'll be equally entertain with today's podcast episode.

New episodes will be released every Wednesday!

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What Were We Smoking On This Episode?

We promise no more Trifecta for the next 5 episodes!

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