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HookahJohn accessoiries
We strive to bring you the best hookah products in the world, so you can have the same legendary sessions that happen in our warehouse. 
Hookahjohn has provided us with these types of high quality products, while also making a name for himself on the way. We’ve carried his creations for the past decade, so we know a little bit about the rise in popularity for his accessories and design changes over the years. 
All of the Hookahjohn products that we provide can be used by any skill level of hookah smoker and if you’ve never heard of him or his accessories, we’ve got a blog for you.

HookahJohn Titanium Coals

The first product to hit the market from John were natural hookah charcoal called Chronic Hookah. These coals gained a huge following as the desire for a natural heat source continued to grow, and the Chronic brand became what is known today as Titanium Hookah coals.
The Titanium series began with flat and cube size charcoal in 1 kg boxes, as well as the famous lounge cases (10 x 1kg packages). This was followed shortly by an in-between size known as Cubettes, the mini cube design provides more heat than flats and less than cubes. The Cubettes are great for Tangiers Birquq, Fumari, and Al Fakher, but you can use them on whatever tobacco you enjoy.
This charcoal collection is crafted with the use of natural raw coconut husk and it ranks as one of our top selling coal brands to date. The long lasting heat output and minimal ash are the key features for this brand, and the consistency of these two points is why it has received so much high praise.
Friendly reminder, if this is your first time with natural charcoal, you’re going to need a charcoal burner and about 9-12 minutes. Only use fully lit charcoal for an optimal smoking session.

HookahJohn Bowls

What would naturally come next after creating a quality heat source? Bowls! Since his initial bowl release in the mid 2000’s, John has introduced several bowl designs into the market and the current lineup has been scaled down to 5 great bowls.
These bowls are handcrafted in the US with the use of thick American clay and skillful clay artisans. The gloss and matte finish glazes applied to each bowl are lead free for your safety and leave you with a long lasting color.  You can find all of the bowls listed below, in our Hookah Bowl section.

Alien Hookah Bowl

If you’re looking to save on shisha usage while having a great hookah session, the Alien bowl is perfect you. It’s the first bowl ever to be released in the Hookahjohn series and boy is it shallow!
The Alien was introduced as the perfect bowl mate for Tangiers smokers because of the ease in dense packing without using too much tobacco. The original design featured a super wide spire but the bowl began to narrow as new bowl colors were introduced (see blue bowl on left below).
After more tweaks were applied to the Alien bowl shape, people began to desire the old school design which lead to the creation of the Flashback Alien bowl.(see blue bowl on right above) You’ll only need about 13-15 grams of shisha for and 2-3 pieces of natural charcoal for an excellent session.
It still on our list of suggested bowls for dark leaf tobacco like Tangiers, Trifecta, and Lavoo shisha. We'd also recommend this accessory for anyone looking to test out Tangiers flavors without having to use a heavy amount of shisha in your dense pack.