Smoking Hookah With Guest In Town - Episode 19 Hookah Podcast

There's someone at the DOOR! - It's not Amazon

Who could it be? Guest! Family, friends, old pals, and maybe a coworker. It's time to entertain and be a good host but what happens when they don't like hookah? What happens if they like hookah but none of the flavors in your cabinet? Is mom gonna be upset that you turned the living room into a smoke box?

All theses questions and so much more will be discussed in our podcast, so getting ready to pick up some tips and have a few laughs with the Hookah Podcast.

One of us is just waking up from a mid day nap after entertaining guest, while the other recovers from a brutal day in the office. We liven up pretty quickly and even throw out some old memories of past trips to Vegas.

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What Were We Smoking On This Episode?

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