Hookahs Hookahs

The Gang Goes To Area 51

Yes, we’re that crazy! A month ago, in the peak of summer heat, we took a trip to Las Vegas for a hookah convention and we had a little extra free time.

How do you kill 10 hrs of time before a plane flight in Vegas? Drive 2 hours to Rachel, Nevada to see Area 51 and beat the rush of the raid.

What’s Rachel, NV?

Rachel is a town with less than 90 people that call it home and very few establishments; we didn’t even see a gas station.

We drove a long dusty road that basically connects from Vegas to right outside Rachel, and then our GPS had us take one final left turn putting us on the Extraterrestrial Highway.

The sign for this road was covered with stickers and there were a few picnic tables around, so we paused to stretch and snap a photo. 

The Alien Research Center

Cruising the Extraterrestrial Highway at “warp speed” (that was the posted speed limit), we encountered a sheet metal hanger with a massive alien outside. We finally felt like we made it somewhere in this empty town.

This building is known as the Alien Research Center and it serves as the gift shop for Area 51. We spent a good hour inside trying to figure out how many magnets, mugs, and other random gifts to buy. 


The store was oddly split 50/50 with Area 51 merchandise and Star Wars Episode 1 merchandise. I need to make this point clear: it was only Episode 1 and nothing else. We’re talking original packaging like the movie was just released; shirts, pins, cups, everything.