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The ultimate Hookah cookbook - Over 1,500 shisha mix recipes! More details...

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This is an amazing 400-Page eBook that contains over 1,500 tried and true recipes for your hookah. If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with different shisha tobacco mixes and hookah base additives, this book is the ultimate go-to source for seemingly endless and tasty ways to prepare a hookah pipe!

Sample Recipes:

In the hookah bowl (mixed):
1/2 Gum Tobacco
1/2 Sour Apple Tobacco
In the hookah base:
1 Shot of Bubble Gum Pucker
1 Shot of Sour Apple Pucker
Crushed Ice

Chewing Ice
In the hookah bowl (mixed):
1/2 Kashmir Apple Tobacco
1/2 Caffeinated Kashmir Tobacco
In the hookah base:
1 Shot of Ouzo
1 Shot of Vodka
6 Sprigs of Mint
Crushed Ice

In the hookah bowl (mixed):
3/4 Cactus Pear Tobacco
1/4 Zaghoul Tobacco
In the hookah base:
2 Shots of Everclear
Crushed Ice

Included Bonus Books:

1. Tangiers Guide: A comprehensive 46-page eBook complete with step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to get Tangiers Hookah Tobacco to smoke amazingly. Includes detailed information on acclimation, packing, storage, humidity shock, troubleshooting, and more!

2. Hookah Tips and Tricks: A 32-page collection of hookah and shisha tips the author discovered and has been taught in the past decade including tips on smoking, cooling, cleaning, hookah care, awesome hookah tricks, and much more.

3. Hookah Tobacco Guide: A comprehensive list of the major hookah tobacco brands, their ingredients, and all of their available flavors.

4. Hookah Lexicon: A dictionary of hookah terms used in the hookah community.

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You must be of legal drinking age in your country (21 years of age in the United States) to partake in the shisha mixes involving alcohol
About the Author:

Stuart is a well-respected and knowledgeable member of the online hookah community, spending his time to help administrate and moderate various forums over the years. From over 500 shisha flavor reviews and countless hookahs and accessories, to leading the way in new hookah techniques, he is the one to turn to when you need help or advice. He has compiled all of this hookah information into convenient eBooks so that it may be shared with all who seek to learn or just to improve what they already know.
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"Lots of interesting facts"
Stephen Schultz on Thursday, June 22, 2017 1:08:41 AM

This ebook is pretty good, I've done alot of experimenting over the years and was still able to learn a few new tricks from it - Contains most of the basic information and really good if you're a beginner learning - There's definitely a few things I would rule out of the book as some of the mixes arnt as accurate with measurements due to every hookah being different such as the use of milk but nonetheless even if you really are a master you can never stop learning -

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Manny973 on Friday, August 10, 2012 5:23:49 AM

This eBook has everything you need for a beginner and a pro hookah smoker - As a guy who has been smoking for 5 years, it has some things that I have never thought about trying or smoking - I say you should get this only if you want to teach someone new or learn new things - Their are many more things about why you should get this so that makes it worth to get -

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"Old dog - - - New tricks"
Alan Kilgore on Saturday, January 7, 2012 3:58:24 PM

I have purchased a lot of awesome stuff from HS - com, but this is the cherry on top! 400 pages of recipes plus tips tricks and more - I was already pretty good at creating a fantastic session - After exploring this some I felt like I woke up in Abu Dhabi heaven - My vey first setup with my tiny Mya Chic, standard bowl, basic AF a couple additives and new found tricks I experienced 2 ½ hours of the fullest, fluffiest, most flavorful clouds EVER - Tonight, new recipe in my Nammor Sphinx !!!

Help other customers find the most helpful reviews for Master Shisha Mixes eBook
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