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This product contains 3 x 100-piece boxes (300 pieces total) of Ring Quick-Lighting Hookah Charcoals. Stock up and save!

Introducing Ring Hookah coals, the first ring-shaped quick-lighting hookah coals available in our store! The Ring Hookah Coals measure 38mm in diameter (about 1.5 inches) and are fully lit in less than 30 seconds using a standard cigarette lighter. Each box contains 100 pieces of charcoal (20 rolls with 5 coals in each roll) and each ring hookah coal will last approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour.

Advantages of Ring Hookah Coals over other quick-light coals:

-More surface area of the coal is exposed, allowing them to be lit faster and more efficiently.

-Similar to the Fantasia Air-Flow Coals, the design allows oxygen to flow through the coal more easily, keeping them stoked throughout the smoking session.

-Burns slightly hotter and lasts longer than most quick-light hookah coals, allowing you to use less charcoal per session. Ideal for use with a Vortex Hookah Bowl or a Phunnel Hookah Bowl – when placed in the center of the bowl, the heat is distributed outward radially without having direct heat over the center spire.

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