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Gaia Natural Coconut Hookah Coals (16 Pieces)

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Configure: Gaia Natural Coconut Hookah Coals (16 Pieces)

16 pieces of great natural coconut hookah coal

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You can earn 3 Reward Points on this product! is proud to introduce our own brand of high quality natural coconut hookah charcoal!

Inspired by and named after the Earth Goddess of ancient Greek mythology, Gaia natural hookah charcoals is the end result of our quest to produce the smoothest burning, longest lasting, and highest quality natural coconut hookah charcoal on the market.

Gaia hookah coals are 100% natural and are made from compressed coconut shells, which produce an out-of-this-world smoke that’s free from any charcoal odor or chemical taste found in lesser quality hookah charcoal. Gaia coals are environmentally friendly (no trees were cut down to make these) and produce very little ash.

Each box of Gaia natural hookah coals contains 16 pieces are are easily lit on a stove top or other heating element (such as the single coil hookah charcoal burner). Gaia coals are roughly the same size as the “flat” Coco Nara charcoals and each 16 piece box will last approximately 5-8 smoking sessions.

Give these new coconut hookah charcoals a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Note: You must be 18 years of age to purchase this product.

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