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Al Waha 50g Variety Pack

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Explore more blends with your choice of 5 50g box of Al Waha Shisha

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Al-Waha Shisha Tobacco 50g Variety Pack

If you can't pick one, pick 5! Al-Waha Flavored Tobacco is manufactured in the heart of Jordan and is one of the most well known brands in the world. This shisha pipe tobacco is the tobacco of choice for many hookah smokers, both beginners and experienced, because of its wide variety of flavors, high quality, smooth flavorful taste, and great value. Their shisha collection uses premium French tobacco leaves that deliver fat clouds and great flavor. This tobacco can be enjoyed in several styles of hookah bowls, as this shisha is geared towards the massesfrom novice to expert. The juicy golden brown cut of their tobacco combines vibrant flavoring with the perfect amount of sweet honey, to create a product that is loved around world.

Al-waha open 50g

Al-Waha Shisha Flavors

Al-Waha shisha provides a multitude of options for fans of fruits and citrus flavors, as well as a few unique flavor profiles like Pan Rasna. Each 50g box illustrates the key flavor components for the selected blend, and if you smoke like us you'll be mixing for new blends. Al-Waha mixes very well with other Al-Waha flavors, and it can also be easily used with other modern cut tobacco or molasses based shisha. We typically use a sprinkle-to-fill packing method for our Al-Waha sessions, and light 3 pieces of natural charcoal. The French tobacco leaves can withstand the standard (3pcs) amount of heat easily, but cloud chaser can amp up the heat for a boost in flavor/thunder clouds. Fire up a bowl of Al-Waha and let us know what you think about the brand.

Al Waha Flavor Descriptions

After Nine - Chocolate Mint
Arctic Berry - Blueberry Mint
Arctic Cherry - Cherry Mint
Arctic Melon - Melon Blend with Mint
Arctic Peach - Peach Mint
Big Boy - Watermelon Mint
Blueberry Banana - Blueberry and Banana
Blueberry Guava - Blueberry and Guava
Cali Twist - Cherry, Pineapple, and Orange Blend
Casper - Lemon and Strong Mint
Chai Latte -  Sweet Cream with Cinnamon Spice
Cinnamon Gum - Cinnamon Spice
Friday13 - Peach, Vanilla, and Mint
Grape - Grape
Gum Mint - Sweet Spearmint Gum
HotNCold - Blueberry and Cold Mint
Ice Cream - Neopolitan Ice Cream
Icy Mango Tango - Mango and Mint
Lemon Mint - Lemon and Mint
Libella Swing - Orange, Guava, and Mint
Magic Touch - Blueberry and Lime
Mango Lemonade - Mango Lemonade
Melon - Melon
Melon Berry - Honeydew Melon and Blueberry
Mento - Cooling menthol mint
Mint - Mint
One Day - Lime and Mint
Orange - Orange
Orange Mint - Orange and Mint
Pan Rasna - Mint and Strong Floral Blend
Summer Air - Passion Fruit and Lemon
Sweet Shock - Passion Fruit and Watermelon
Tornado - Strong Mint Blend
Two Apples - Red and Green Apple with Anise
Watermelon - Watermelon

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