Exotica Bamboo (Square Finger Style) Hookah Coal

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1.25 kilogram box of Exotica Stellar 8.1 natural coals More details...

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Exotica Natural Hookah Charcoal

Exotica Natural Bamboo Hookah Coals contain 25 "fingers" scored by three for a total of 75 pieces per box.

Exotica bamboo natural coals are a "square" fingered natural hookah charcoal (they won't roll off of your bowl). Long lasting and odorless, these natural bamboo hookah coals are perfect for both hookah lounges and personal use alike. Like other naturals coals, these are best lit on a stove top or charcoal heater and produce a great tasting shisha bowl without any chemical taste.
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"Fast favorites"
Seth Johnson on Friday, January 2, 2015 11:02:32 AM

I've been an Exotica fan for years, but these have quickly become a favorite for me - The coals themselves feel lighter and less dense - They take just as long to heat up, and stay hot just as long as the other Exoticas, but the ash management is a lot easier it just falls off most of the time, light and airy! and the heat management is as good as ever - It's worth trying them out!

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