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Deezer Hookah Pre-Punched Foil - 100 Pack

SKU: Misc-Foil-Deezer-PrePunched-100

100 sheets of aluminum hookah foil More details...

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This hookah foil is convenient when travelling, when in a hurry, or if you don't have a foil poker. Available in packs of 100, the Deezer Pre-Punched foil is pre-cut and already has perfectly distributed holes that will evenly heat your hookah bowl.  

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On Goliath Bowl
On Egyptian Bowl

This foil is fantastic for hookah bowls of any size. Each individual sheet can fit around a standard sized hookah bowl (holds apprx. 20g shisha) or even a Vortex Goliath Bowl (holds apprx. 50g shisha)!

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"Came Free With my Hookah Purchase"
John Orosz on Friday, August 07, 2015 6:13:53 PM

Had to write a review on this - I am no hookah noob but I am cheap and have used regular heavy-duty foil for years - Then these arrived with my order - WOW, I laughed at first but was shocked to see holes already made in the foil no more hole punching - The thickness was fine, appears to be high quality foil and it's cut perfectly in size for my large phunnel bowls - Smoking, eh, it's as good as my usual foil but made the prep time a breeze - BUT!!! Noticing a nice quality to this foil as I slide ash of with my tongs - Generally it seems my foil will snag the tongs teeth and tear a bit or be rough as I drag the tongs across, this was not the case with this foil - For the price and ease of use I am seriously bookmarking this as an item to get on future shisha orders! :

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