Beveled Mya Hookah Bowl

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Mya Hookah Bowl with Beveled Rim for Foil Grip

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The Mya Beveled Hookah Bowl is real groovy - literally and figuratively. This bowl has grooves around the rim that hold your foil in place throughout your hookah session. Your foil won't sag or slip off, no matter how underpacked your bowl is, how much you move your coals, or how long your session lasts. 

Using the Mya Beveled hookah bowl is simple: just take your foil, place it over the top of the bowl like you normally would, and run your hands around the foil so it tucks into the grooves of the bowl. Voila! You're all set for slip-free, sag-free hookah smoking.

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Overall Feeling: The average rating for Mya Beveled Hookah Bowl is 67 of 100 based on 3 Reviews
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"Great Bowl!"
Boston Girl on Saturday, August 02, 2014 11:23:47 AM

I have to say, this bowl is fantastic! i love the ease of loading the tobacco into it, the beveled edges hold the tin foil nice and tight and its very easy to control the heat and distribution of the coals! Bravo!!

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"A refreshing spin off an old classic bowl"
Mike Speek on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 5:25:42 AM

While I respect the opinion of the previous reviewer, I would like to put to light some things about MYA Saray and their style - MYA has stood the test of time, invented features for the hookah that are seen in nearly every model out there, and designed some of the world's top selling and highest quality hookahs on the market - I completely respect that MYA Saray bowls use a thinner gasket for thinner lipped bowls - Half the bowls in existence are modeled after the standard MYA Saray bowl - Rarely do my customers have any complaints about MYA gaskets on any hookah, including my regulars who put them on oxidized and classic trimetal KMs - This is one of MYA's first takes on an almost entirely Egyption style bowl - The wide mouth gives the smoker room to move the coals as the bowl toasts - Usually MYA bowls are deeper so that there is no reason to move the coals until you need a replacement - The shallow pocket allows the juices to simmer, while the wide mouth gives the smoker room to move the coals around and find that sweet spot just a few minutes after getting your blend going - This is so that more traditional, molasses-cut flavors like double apple and grape can really shine - Long before phunnel and vortex bowls existed, shall, wide-mouth bowls were the reigning champions of potent flavor and endless smoke - This bowl gives a broader canvas for its dedicated traditionalists - The inside of the bowl is unglazed so that as the bowl chars, the juices slow down and make for a longer lasting flavor - True, when you first break in one of these bowls you'll have to sacrifice longevity for killer smoke and taste - As time goes on, however, you get a beautiful pull from a long-lasting bowl - Having broken mine in, I can make just about any flavor last over an hour and a half, including Nakhla - The threading along the side of this bowl is designed so that no outside air touches the inside of the bowl - This improves the quality of every draw, giving soft clouds and potent flavor - I would love to see MYA modify their standard bowls with this feature - Again, while I respect the opinion of the previous reviewer, I hope this gives different light as to why MYA made this bowl the way it is - A definite winner in my book -

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"Not Impressed"
Doug on Monday, January 20, 2014 10:52:45 PM

So here's the deal: this is a pretty decent bowl - It has a small indentation in the center outside of the standard holes assuming for more liquidy shishas, and the entire gimmick of this bowl - the side bevels/indentations - work surprisingly well - What I don't like about this, and what will prevent me from using this on a normal basis if at all, are the following: 1 - I understand it's a bowl made by Mya, and they have their own bowl adapter grommets - However, consideration should have been made when making these - the opening is far too small - Putting this on a KM took a great deal of force, and I thought I was going to break it, not to mention it melted my grommet - not - cool - 2 - The bowl is small, which is fine if you only want about a 45-minute to a 1-hour session, but any longer than that, it's time to switch it out - 3 - The bowl gets VERY hot - Granted, it's part of the design, but they really should have glaze-finished the top section of the bowl - It's raw clay, so there's no insulation whatsoever between the bowl and your shisha or your hand or gloves, or whatever you use to pick it up - 4 - Like mentioned in #3 - the entire top section is unglazed - Sure, your bowl will be covered by foil - Sure, it will be hidden - But just one smoke out of it and it's pretty much aesthetically ruined - You cannot scrub out every bit of every tobacco you've ever smoked out of this thing - If you're going to use this, keep it to one flavor - Honestly, if you want a good Egyptian bowl, stick with a Social Smoke HEMI bowl, or make the jump to an Alien Mini -

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