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1/2 kg bag of natural Orangewood & Lemonwood coals More details...

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These all-natural hookah coals are made from orangewood and lemonwood trees. Each 1/2 kg bag will give you approximately 25-30 bowls of shisha tobacco. Because the coal pieces come from natural wood, they will all vary somewhat in size and shape, so they may need to be broken down into smaller pieces to use with your hookah bowl. Just heat them using a charcoal heater or stovetop for about 5-8 minutes, and once they turn ashy white they are ready for your smoking pleasure. 

Unlike some other hookah charcoals, these natural orange and lemonwood coals will not leave your shisha with any ashy taste and have none of the odor that is sometimes produced by quick-light coals. Try a bowl of your favorite shisha tobacco with some natural orange-lemonwood coals and you'll experience an amazing smoke. 
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"Great transition"
Justin Baker on Thursday, October 06, 2016 10:35:37 PM

This is a great coal for people transitioning from coco coals - A much lighter coal and a much no harshness what so ever - Nice!

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"Natural Lemonwood Coal review"
Thomas Weller on Monday, May 02, 2016 7:45:40 PM

Let me premise this by saying that I have been a long time Romman Lemonwood coals user and lemonwood is normally my go to for smoking - This product I was disappointed in - It hasn't been fully blacked into charcoal like it should have been so when lighted you tend to get strong campfire smell which isn't normal with good charcoal, only an occasional piece here and there - Also, They will occasionally 'spark' and throw pieces of lit coal off due to the fact of a poor quality process - Once It is fully lit they are completely tasteless and odorless - They have a medium to low heat output - The charcoal is extremely ashy and the ash has a very flacky consistency which will be familiar to any lemonwood coal users - They also burn much faster than the Romman Lemonwood coals to the point of it kind of being absurd - - - Al in all an alright coal, gives a perfectly tasteless heat, nice heat level to work with for any shisha that doesn't require high heat but with major flaws in lighting and longevity -

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