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Tangiers is known among shisha tobacco smokers as the finest, most diligently produced hookah tobacco out there. Their newest line, Tangiers Burley shisha, lives up to that tradition. 

Tangiers Burley is unwashed tobacco, which means you get more natural tobacco flavor, and a higher nicotine level. This results in the added flavorings being less present, while the overall tobacco taste is stronger. The higher nicotine level will result in higher buzz levels, so be careful standing up after a long session. 

Tangiers Burley shisha tobacco works best when smoked out of a raised center hookah bowl, like the Phunnel or Vortex. For best results, let it acclimate for a couple of hours; meaning, let it sit open to the air so that the flavors blend better before loading your first bowl. As with all Tangiers shisha, get ready for some thunderclouds!

Tangiers Flavor Descriptions

Our lineup of available tangiers flavor changes weekly, so be sure to check back with us if you don't see a desired flavor or leave us feedback on your favorite blend so we know what to stock. Below you'll find a description for every Tangiers flavor that we carry, so if you don't see a flavor available on this page, be sure to check out the other Tangiers lines that we carry. These flavor profiles can change slightly based on the packing method and preparation of your hookah.

2005 Blueberry - A twist on their classic blueberry, with a hint of creaminess.
Absinthe - Anise blend with subtle mint
Apple - A simple, sweet Apple flavor
Apricot Spring Blend - A nice refreshing blend, primarily focusing on Apricot flavors
Blackberry - Tart berry
Blueberry - Delicious! Long lasting semi-sweet blueberry, one of our favorite mixers
Blue Flower - Sweet floral with a light lavender touch
Blue Gumball 2.0 - Ever had a blue gumball as a kid? If so, you'll know what to expect from this bubblegum flavor.
Brambleberry - Red berries and blackberries mix together for slightly tart smoke session
Bug Powder - Kashmir with mint and a little splash of citrus
Cane Mint - World renowned peppermint flavor
Chocolate Mint - The proof is in the pudding, a spot on blend for a popular flavor combo
Classic Raspberry - For those that like a bitter touch to their raspberry
Clove - Powerful straight clove flavor
Cocoa - Smells like chocolate milk powder (the one with the rabbit on it) staff favorite
Cool Strawberry - Sweeter than the regular strawberry with a cooling exhale
Dark Cherry - Great flavor strength that is reminiscent to a popular soda that starts with Dr.
Dark Plum - Unsweet plum flavor similar to a dehydrated fruit snacks
Double Orange - Surprise it floral!
Expermint - Extreme level of Spearmint
Forbidden Fruit - A unique fruit trip with a taste to mimic a fleshy apple interior
Foreplay on the Peach - A sweet peach flavor.
Grapefruit - It’s not the tangiest grapefruit but still makes it on several favorite flavor list
Green Apple Candy - Flavor packed with a sweet green apple sucker taste
Green Apple Tea - Tea notes keep this flavor from being overly sweet while giving you a nice green apple taste, we like to use it as a mixer.
Guajava - Sweet gauva, if you like guava add this to your must try list
Guanabana - Soursop fruit! If you’re still lost it’s a creamy fruit with some sour notes
Hacitragus - A tart, citrus blend in this flavor.
Horchata - Cinnamon and cream combine to bring this popular drink to smoke form
Indian Summer - A roller coaster of flavor profiles ranging from multiple floral notes and sweet fruit
Indigo Flower - Floral pomegranate with a mysterious exhale
It’s Like That One Breakfast Cereal - The cereal that features toucan bird
It’s Like That Other Breakfast Cereal - That poor rabbit will never get to eat this cereal
Jamaica - Unique hibiscus experience
Kashmir - Blended spices and strong floral notes, crafted for floral smokers
Kashmir Apple - Kashmir spice with a classic apple that has no anise
Kashmir Blue - Kashmir and Blue Flower in one blend can you handle the floral overload?
Kashmir Cherry - The kashmir spices blend perfectly with this sharp cherry to create a unique blend
Kashmir Peach - The creator of Tangiers lives by this flavor and so do we! Sweet peach with a spiced floral finish
Kashmir Plum - Kashmir brings a sweet spice to brighten this dark fruit
Kashmir Guajava - Sweet guava mixed with Kashmir
Kiwi - Great by itself or even with mint or pineapple for a tropical mix.
Koke - Classic cola flavor with a mild flavor build up
Lemon - Natural lemon smoke with a darker profile, not a candy or super sweet flavor
Lemon Blossom - Classic lemon flavor sweetened by floral notes
Lemon Lime - One of the greatest blends of these two flavors, long lasting and great for mixing
Lemon Tea - It won’t fix your cold but it’s close to a warm cup of tea with about 3 slices of lemon
Mandarin Orange - If Orange Soda wasn’t a winner for you than you’ll find solace with this blend
Maraschino Cherry - Super sweet cherry, add a splash of Cane Mint for an incredible session
Marigold - Bright floral blend
Melon Blend - Honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe. Very sweet.
Midnight Orchard Apple - Tangiers's modern twist on the classic double apple. A fresh, crisp Apple with light hints of Anise
Mime - Evenly balanced blend of lime and mint
Mimon - Natural lemon taste with a mint
Mint - Natural mint leaf flavor, great for mixing and not as strong as Cane Mint.
Nectarine - Sweet floral with a citrus undertone
New Lime - One of our favorite citrus blends - great mixer and standalone flavor
New Raspberry - Smooth raspberry without a tangy bite
Now With Melon - A popular melon blend.
Old School Watermelon - Watermelon candy, sweet with a great flavor output
Ololiuqui - Root Beer flavor similar to the barrel candies
Opuntia Pear - This flavor is just like biting into a sweet, juicy pear.
Orange Soda - There’s no carbonation but this is pretty spot on
Panic Punch - Formerly known as "Picnic Punch," this flavor is a mix of Watermelon and Lime
Papaya Sorbet - A sweet Papaya dessert flavor
Passion Fruit - Semi sweet flavor with great longevity
Peach Iced Tea - Unsweetened white peach with a mild tea leaf flavor
Pear - Delicious spiced pear flavor that’s great by itself or mixed
Pear Watermelon - A blend of old school watermelon and pear, one of our favorites
Pineapple - Easily one of the best pineapple blends on the market. Juicy, sweet and long lasting.
Pinepas - A nice blend of pineapple and passionfruit
Pink Grapefruit - Provides that great grapefruit taste with more of a sour bite
Pomegranate - Not as tart as the real deal but it smokes nicley
Pumpkin - A seasonal blend that gives you a pumpkin dessert aroma
Raspberry Iced Tea - Raspberry takes over the initial inhale as the tea flavor builds up throughout your session
Red Grape - If White grape was too sweet for you than this is the classic blend you were looking to smoke
Red Tea - Unsweetened tea blend with a lower flavor strength
Regal Flower Special Edition - The Tangiers Rose experience
Schnozzberry- An ever changing blend of berries, it really does taste like schnozzberries
Sevilla Orange - Strong orange taste with a balanced floral touch
Sour - Tart with a dark leaf exhale, great for mixing
Sour Watermelon - A seasonal blend that brings a much needed twist on a classic flavor
Spearmint - Just a like a fresh pack of gum with a Tangiers buzz
Static Starlight - Dark grape with a sweet floral touch
Strawberry - Natural Strawberry taste without a strong sweetness
Strawberry Kiwi - Kiwi adds a tropical sweetness to this balanced blend
Summer Solstice - Watermelon with guava and mixed fruits
Tasty Peach - A balanced peach aroma that blends sweet and semi-sweet peach
Tropical Punch - It’s not Hawaiian but it still packs a punch
Tropical Revenge - A remix to the Tropical Punch with a splash of Grapefruit, our recommended mix involves Mime or Mimon
Tuscan Cantaloupe - A sweet, cantaloupe melon flavor.
Watermelon - Was Old School Watermelon to sweet for you? If so this semi-sweet blend will have you set to smoke.
Welsh Cream - One of their top selling flavors that provides a sweet cream taste with a touch vanilla and caramel
White Grape - FANTASTIC! Great flavor strength with a great balance of sweetness and white grape flavoring. People that don’t like grape would still probably enjoy this blend.
Yunnan Shaddok - Pomelo and orange citrus flavor notes

Note: Tangiers Hookah Tobacco requires some conditioning and special treatment before smoking so be sure to read the information sheet that accompanies it.
This product is for personal use and any orders that we deem as bulk or going to any re-shipper or exporter will be canceled and your money will be refunded

You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

Overall Feeling: The average rating for Tangiers Burley Shisha 250g is 100 of 100 based on 7 Reviews
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"Kashmir peach"
Vj on Friday, April 06, 2018 10:13:32 PM

Ive been smoking hookah for years , hand down 10/10 best hookah flavor out there, high nicotine content, big clouds and smokes for 90-100 mins - Might need test and try before the perfect pack is developed dense pack after letting it air for 30 mins heat management is important, i use 2 cocourth thick coals -

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"kashmir peach"
Nicholas Sigl on Wednesday, November 04, 2015 6:57:17 PM

Favorite flavor - Can not beat - Bolder - Huge clouds - More flavor - More buzz - Bigger better stonger

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"Tropical Revenge"
Glenn Peters on Friday, August 07, 2015 10:44:43 PM

This shisha rocks !! I really like it - Full flavored and very satisfying -

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"Bramble berry burly"
Travis Lanphere on Wednesday, January 07, 2015 10:04:41 AM

Good product - - - exactly what I was looking for -

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"Tangiers Burley - Prince of Gray, yes please!"
Dillon Grotti on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 1:10:02 PM

So I had never tried the Burley line of Tangiers, and when I saw Prince of Gray, I knew I had to give it shot. Just like the name suggests, this shisha tastes deliciously like Earl Grey tea. Earl Grey is a lemon tea, so I would suggest adding a little citrus shisha to your bowl; I added Mazaya Four Seasons blend. If you like black tea, you're going to love this. It is smooth with just a hint of bergamot and a deliciously light aftertaste. 10/10.

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"Acclimate It!"
Adam Hughes on Saturday, September 20, 2014 12:46:50 AM

Interesting stuff! Do some research with this one, rub the package and squish the shisha for about 20 mins before opening, if it smells like BBQ sauce, leave it in the open air for 4 hours and box it for 20 - Check it and repeat until it smells more fruity! Pack it densely - Then smoke : It's nice, kashmir plum was fruity but also has a hint of a nice spicy jostick - For me it was a heavy buzz, but I only smoke maybe twice a month and normally stick to al fahker - Would definitely recommend! Nice big clouds with my lavoo! Might switch to this in future -

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Jeremy Kuehnau on Saturday, March 29, 2014 1:14:02 AM

I got burly bramble berry - It's a good flavor; sweet but I can't say what it tastes like - I have smoked hooka for 3 years - I was hoping for a killer buzz, but not so much - As good as any other tangiers -

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