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Blow perfect smoke rings every time with Monkey Os!

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Everyone wants to be the cool guy at the hookah bar who can blow smoke rings that morph into Gandalf-inspired ghost ships, but not all of us are born with that natural talent. Luckily now there are Monkey Os! While these can't promise promise magical hookah powers, they can promise perfect smoke rings every time.

How Do Monkey Os Work?

Load up your hookah as usual, take a big rip, but this time when you exhale - blow the smoke through your Monkey O like it's a little trumpet. The key is to make "ooh...ooh...ahh...ahhh" sounds when you exhale (it sounds like a monkey...GET IT?!), and these help your mouth work with the Monkey O to create the best smoke rings. You can also use the Monkey O to help you create hookah bubbles, and maybe one day you'll nail that Gandalf ghost ship. 

Each Monkey O will come with it's own instruction manual to help you really get the hang of it. 

Monkey Os

Want to blow the perfect smoke bubbles? Add some Monkey Juice, the perfect, non-toxic solution for the ultimate smoke bubble. 

Available Monkey Os colors:

  • Black Monkey Os
  • Red Monkey Os
  • White Monkey Os
  • Blue Monkey Os
  • Glow in the Dark Monkey Os
  • Green Monkey Os
  • Pink Monkey Os
  • Yellow Monkey Os
  • Purple Monkey Os


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will these teach you to blow smoke rings?
A: It will not teach you how to blow smoke rings, but it will create rings of smoke when blowing through it.

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