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Starbuzz USA Discovery Hookah Stem

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The All-American made Starbuzz USA hookah stem features a unique down-stem that is impervious to ghosting.

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Starbuzz Discovery Hookah Stem

  • 28" Stem made from surgical-grade stainless steel
  • Included anodized hookah tray
  • Easily customizable with a variety of accessories
There is really nothing more american than the space shuttle, (and Starbuzz shisha, of course) so it's time to put your patriotism in your hookah pipe and smoke a toast to the good ol' U S of A. The Starbuzz Discovery hookah stem is one of Starbuzz' NASA themed hookah stems, and is aptly named because if any hookah shaft is ready to go into orbit, this one is.

First off, Starbuzz USA hookah shafts are incredibly durable. Featuring only the highest grade metals in their manufacture, the finish is what really makes these stems stand out. Starbuzz stems are made from aluminum, which won't rust and is anodized to ensure that the bold colors of your Starbuzz stem will stay looking new for a long time; they may not survive re-entry through the atmosphere but they can certainly handle some hookah coals.

And of course the best, most innovative part of the USA Starbuzz hookah shaft is its stainless steel down-stem. Constructed from surgical-grade steel, this is the heart of the Discovery hookah stem. Because of this piece, the Starbuzz USA hookah stem is completely impervious to ghosting. Want to switch from a strong flavor like Black Mint and then something subtle (a little Geisha, perhaps)? No problem, just rinse out your Starbuzz Discovery stem with water and your good to go, without the need from scrub brushes, soap or solutions.

These units each feature their own serial number, a tribute to the hand-care and quality that goes into each unit.

The hubs are unique too, and (unlike their Chinese-made counterparts) share no common chambers. One benefit of this is that you cannot blow out the purge port ball-bearing. Also, the purge port and hose port easily screw in, and are anodized/painted to match the stem.

Even the tray is unique and innovative. The anodizing prevents your tray from becoming burnt and discolored, and the grooves will keep your charcoal from rolling around.

This product is the hookah stem only, you will still need to provide a hose, base and grommets to get up and smoking. We recommend using a large Egyptian grommet.

Here's a guide to help you find what base will fit this Starbuzz hookah stem.

How To Turn This Hookah Stem Into A Custom Starbuzz Hookah

Your new Starbuzz Discovery stem is likely compatible with a wide array of bases, bowls, and hoses that you already own, but if you want a guaranteed good fit we recommend adding a compatible base, hose, and bowl from the drop down menus above when you make your purchase. We have tested the fit of all of the components listed and guarantee a good fit. To encourage you to play around with different options and make your own custom dream hookah we are offering 10% off of the purchase of a Starbuzz hookah stem along with a base, bowl and hose. Use the coupon code "Custom10" at checkout and your discount will be automatically applied.

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Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

Overall Feeling: The average rating for Starbuzz Discovery All-USA Hookah stem is 50 of 100 based on 2 Reviews
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"BLUE- Starbuzz Discovery"
Jihan Soliman on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 3:11:05 PM

THIS IS NO REFLECTION ON Hookah-Shisha - com as they were great during this process - Definitely one of the most disappointing hookah buys ever, even including hookah accessories and there are a lot of bad accessories on the market - haha - NOTE: The paint has been changed by Starbuzz, without any notice or updated photos - It is a completely different shade of blue and glosssy, not matte - It is not metallic looking nor is it attractive it seems thick and easily scratch-able, it is a light sky blue which is IMPOSSIBLE to match with any base, hose, or tray unless you go black - Called Starbuzz because I legit thought it was a knockoff no offense to H-S - com they are always great but the color was just so off it is like a weird sky blue not dark, or light just weird in between, and personally, ugly, that I called to confirm the Serial# - That is when they informed me they had to change the paint used because of costs - Only the first 2000 of each color could be made with the original paint - Awesome - How about they update their website photos to show the new glossy weird shade paints?? That no hookah accessory will match, nor anyone would probably like?? I had been waiting months to buy this hookah as it is one of the most expensive metal hookahs on the market - And I have never been so disappointed in a company and product - Looks like I will be trying to find an original one used and re-sell my current one -

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Matthew Johns on Friday, February 13, 2015 9:41:21 PM

I just bought the new starbuzz stem - Yes the price point is very intimidating at first - I decided to bite the bullet and try this stem out - I am very impressed by it thus far - Absolutely no ghosting at all - It is great, and by not having any the smoke is very clean as well - I love the fact there is next to zero metallic taste - I always judge a hookah on the clouds, taste, and overall quality - I have no problem getting big thick clouds you can't see through - The taste of the hookah is nearly pure - And the quality is wonderful - When you hold stem you feel the weight of it - And as you look it over everything is solid and drilled with zero imperfections - I am very satisfied with how it looks and feels - I would highly recommend this hookah stem, even with the price point -

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