Carbopol Hookah Coals - 40mm - 1 Box (100 Pieces)

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40mm Carbopol Quick Light Hookah Coals - 1 Box 100pcs

Carbopol hookah coals are manufactured in Poland and provide a clean burning, taste-free quick light hookah charcoal option for hookah smokers. These are 40mm size coals which should be used with medium to large sized hookah bowls.

Each box of Carbopol 40mm coals contains 10 individually wrapped rolls of 10 coals. That means you are getting 100 fantastic coals per box. You should be able to use a single coal on most small to medium sized bowls and will need two on larger hookah bowls. This means that this box will last you at least 50 bowls.

To light your new Carbopol coals, simply grasp one coal with your tongs and hold a lit lighter or match to one corner of the coal. You should see some light sparks and begin to smell the coal as it becomes lit. Once it has started to light, place the coal in the ashtray of your hookah. You will know that it is ready to use when the coal is completely covered in a thin layer of gray ash with a glowing core.

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"smells bad"
Said Machrouh on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 11:58:58 PM

it smells bad while heating it I had to put a bin on the hot plate cuz of the bad smoke coming from I used 1 rolls, the smoking session is shorter than when I was using three kings - it gave a headache for two days I finally through it in the trash -

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