Sahara Smoke Pyrex Hookah Bowl Screen

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The Pyrex hookah bowl screen, from Sahara Smoke, is designed to take the place of hookah foil in your normal bowl setup. Pack your shisha in your preferred bowl as normal, but instead of wrapping your bowl in foil, place the Sahara Smoke Pyrex Bowl Screen on top with the center spire pointing up. Add your coals around the center spire, and begin smoking. 

There are no holes in the Pyrex bowl screen aside from the central spire. This means that no ash will fall through on your shisha. Once the charcoal is placed on top of the bowl, the residual heat will be funneled down via the center spire and over your shisha. Then all you have to do is enjoy a tasty, and ash free smoke. 

Since the Pyrex bowl screen is made of glass, we recommend letting it cool down completely before you attempt to handle, or clean the screen. Sudden and extreme temperature changes can cause the screen to shatter.
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