Sahara Smoke Large Kiss Oracle (1 hose) Hookah - 6-Port Hub

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32 inch Large Kiss Oracle Hookah from Sahara Smoke

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Sahara Smoke Large Kiss Oracle (1 hose) Hookah

I see better hookah smoking in your future. Why? Because you're checking out the Sahara Smoke Large Kiss Oracle hookah pipe. Standing 32" tall, the Sahara Oracle is designed for one thing: smoking great tasting bowls with huge clouds. The tough looking hookah stem is threaded, making air tight attachment to the beautiful and stable blue swirled glass base a snap. 

Want to add some extra hoses? How about five more. That's right, the Djinn hookah shaft that comes with your Oracle hookah has six ports, all of which can accommodate a hookah hose, all you need is to attach a Sahara Smoke Hose Adapter. (sold separately)

Included with each Sahara Smoke Amazon hookah will be an ultra-wide synthetic leather hookah hose which measures 66" long. This hookah hose features a wooden handle with a metal mouth tip. On top of this you will also receive a new Vortex Hookah Bowl in a matching color.


  • One 50g box of premium shisha tobacco
  • One box of natural hookah charcoal
  • Vortex hookah bowl
  • Washable hookah hose
  • Foil pack
  • Tongs
  • Cleaning brush

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

Overall Feeling: The average rating for Sahara Smoke Large Kiss Oracle (1 hose) Hookah is 75 of 100 based on 4 Reviews
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"It's So Close To Being Great - - -"
Mark Devillier on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 2:28:05 PM

After having my eyes on this hookah for the longest time, I finally bought one during hookah-shisha's Back To School Sale $100 - You just can't beat that price - Anyway, I've had this hookah for a couple of weeks now, and even managed to have a full 6-person smoke session to really get a good idea of what this beast can do - First things first, know what you're getting yourself into - This hookah is heavy, so be careful, especially when it's filled with water - Also, the stem is not one solid piece, which is not what I was expecting, and the tubing used for the stem could be a little thicker first shipment received contained a broken main stem - Putting the stem together is a bit tricky if you're only using your hands, so I recommend using some pliers to tighten the connecting nut that is located in the hose port chamber - Once it's all setup, it is a very appealing piece to look upon - The glass is thick and has a cool swirl texture, and the black stem looks great on it - Actually, both stems looks very good - Wish I had the other one just to switch them out from time to time - The main downside of this hookah has to be the hose system - All 6 hose ports come with plastic ball bearings which are provided so no one has to hold their hoses - - - well, good luck getting that feature to work properly - Not saying that it can't be done with some trial and error, but if you lack patience, don't bother, just hold your hose - That said, it purges effortlessly when the balls are in place, and they provide a good seal, too - It's a bit much if you're just using this for one or two people, but it's wonderful for those times when you have a group of friends and family over, because who wants to share a hose, am I right? As for hoses, I have some cheap, plastic hoses, as well as 3 large Nammor hoses - - - I prefer the cheap hoses because of the draw that I get from them, along with the ease of use - The larger hoses can be a bit too heavy without the proper grommets causing them to fall out, but, hey, it'll vary from user to user - Use whichever hose suits you - I think, for the most part, even if I had paid full price for this rig, I'd be happy with my purchase, so getting it while on sale was just icing on the cake - It's a good hookah almost great, and makes it easy when entertaining a larger group - If you don't mind holding your hose, and have been looking for a good multi-hose hookah, look no further - Enjoy

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"Sahara smoke large kiss oracle BLACK STEM"
ShayAnte' on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 1:06:42 PM

This hookah has some excellent clouds, while reading the review on this hookah I was a little scared but it is definitely worth the money - Even though I am the only person smoking my hookah it is very convenient to have 5 other hose ports in case I invite some friends over - I also purchased 3 boxes of al fahker shisha 250g Watermelon, Kiwi, & Blueberry those flavors are amazing once you find the right flavor that you actually love you should begin to fall in love with your hookah like I have - When it arrived it is so pretty & im a girl I love cute stuff I was in love when I saw the beautiful blue base - Instead of the chrome color I did get the black the only down side to this hookah is you need to be EXTREMELY careful with it because it is really big - I recommend just getting a big cup and filling up your base that way because you don't want any accidents with your hookah, I hope this really helps anyone that is going to buy this hookah it is worth the money and upon arrival I had a little trouble with the set up but callin the customer service they are very helpful as well -

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Mathew on Saturday, February 21, 2015 12:35:53 PM

This is a nice pipe when it comes to draw full even with the thick km beast or starbuzz Maximus hose and purging purges completely in one second and quietly - But the auto seal feature doesn't work at all - Tried with many hoses - Nammur, starbuzz Maximus, km rainbow, aluminum dream hose But the ball gets sucked to the hose and plugs it - Or the hose isn't in enough and it falls out no matter how thick the grommets - So everyone just needs to hold the tip - You will need grommets with any hose to make it fit so don't let the video make you think there is a chance of not needing them - The base is very nice and is very stable - Tray should be bigger - Over all, this is the best multi hose pipe I've ever smoked - Only gave it a : because I felt lied to with the auto seal - If you don't mind holding tips, you will probably love this pipe - P - s - If you like to ice the base this one holds lots of ice and keeps it very cold the whole session hope this helped :

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"This hookah is amazing"
Josh Engelbrecht on Wednesday, January 07, 2015 11:19:57 AM

This hookah does not only look absolutely beautiful - It smokes beautifully too - First time I set up the hookah with the included vortex bowl I produced 10/10 monster clouds within the first minute of the coals laying on the foil - Not only is the hookah absolutely air tight with all the hose adapters but it hits beautifully even with 6 hoses - Sahara smoke really did a nice job with this hookah - Only issue I have with it is the hookah vase is so massive you have to be extremely careful when refilling the water - Other then that not only are the clouds there but for some reason the taste seems to last extra long in this hookah - my guess is due to a massive vase - this hookah is not only a nice piece of eye candy but it's socked well too - Buy this hookah A+ for Sahara Smoke on this product -

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