Zahrah Z10 Glass Hookah

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Zahrah Z10 Glass Hookah

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Zahrah Z10 Description 

The Zahrah Z10 glass hookah was designed using a scientific approach with a high-end luxury mindset. Using this approach they were able to create an amazing, jaw-dropping, all-glass hookah with enough features to leave a veteran hookah enthusiasts speechless. 

This is not a hookah that you will see at your local shop or hookah lounge, this is the king of kings when it comes to glass hookahs. The Z10 may not be the first hookah you own, but once you master your craft and begin looking for ways to change your smoking experience this should be at the top of your list.

Made In The USA

The Z10 glass hookah is made in the U.S.A. by highly trained and skilled glass artists. These hookah are constructed of 7mm German glass, your Zahrah hookah comes with a guarantee of perfection: no flaws are permitted or accepted. There isn't a hookah on the market that performs or even looks quite like the Zahrah Z10. This hookah contains several different air channels that allow the smoke to cool off, while offering a visual that is simply one of a kind.

Zahrah Z10 Features  

Why does the Z10 outrank any other glass hookah on the market? Well, besides the unique glass body that you could stare at whether you're smoking out of it or not, it all comes down to what is contained in the down stem. This is where science comes into the equation.

Honeycomb & Bulb Diffusers

Zahrah uses the Honeycomb diffusers with some of their glass hookahs, giving you a quiet and smooth inhale. This diffuser contains over 40 perc (small holes) throughout the circular honeycomb plate, creating an effortless draw without any restrictions. 

Usually this is where the features end for some Zahrah glass hookahs, but the Z10 takes it to the next level by adding a second glass diffuser. The bulb diffuser is located at the bottom of the base, giving you a second filtration through out your smoke session. 

Inside the bulb diffuser there are several vertical slits, these channels silence the bubbling that builds up while you smoke, offering a whisper quiet session. With both diffuser working in harmony to disperse your smoke, expect an inhale that might make you want to marry your hookah. 

Accessories Included With Your Z10 Hookah

Accompanying the Z10 will be a medical-grade silicone hose, with a glass and stainless handle. You'll find a slight bend to the glass tip making it very comfortable for any smoker, but you'll get used to it because you may never want to pass it. 

These silicone hoses are 100% washable, with a quick rinse any lingering flavors are knocked out so you can start your next clean session. The glass bowl included with the Z10 is designed like a vortex with vertical air channel, this prevents any juices from building up in the center stem. This bowl features a glass-on-glass fitting with a solid glass lower cap that encases the top of your middle stem. 

It will be hard to find another hookah with features as exquisite as the Zahrah Z10. Welcome to the world of luxury hookahs.  

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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