Zahrah Z70 Glass Hookah

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Zahrah Z70 Glass Hookah

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Zahrah Z70 Glass Hookah Description

The Zahrah Z70 is one of, if not the, greatest all-glass hookah on the market to date. All of the Zahrah glass hookahs are made here in the US, each hookah is hand crafted with high-level precision from the finest glass available.

The Zahrah Z70 has slender body that stands at 23" tall including the bowl, this is an ideal height and size for personal use or small group sessions. The bottom of the glass base is fitted with a solid round glass platform, creating a structurally sound foundation to sit atop any flat surface.

Zahrah Z70 HoneyComb Diffuser

Ladies and gentlemen this is where the magic happens. The Zahara z70 comes equipped with one of the most phenomenal features to ever be combined with a hookah, and that is the honeycomb diffuser. This unique feature creates a pull so smooth you'll forget that you're even smoking until you release huge thunder clouds. The solid glass downstem is fused with the glass diffuser, giving the z70 a whisper quiet draw with no vibration. The honeycomb diffuser contains well over 50 perc holes, this allows for a inhale that feels effortless and unrestricted. Once you take a single inhale from the Zahrah z70, it may be hard to go back to any other hookah. The honeycomb diffuser is available in the following colors:
  • Clear
  • Blue
  • Green

Glass on Glass Components

Each component of the Zahrah Z70 hookah has glass on glass fittings, ensuring a solid smoking session with no air leaks. The Z70 comes with an all glass bowl which has a design style similar to a vortex bowl. The raised spire in the middle contains vertical air channels, this prevents your juices from leaking into the middle stem and allows for a clear flow of air with each pull. The purge valve contains a glass bead stem, preventing any kind of build up, giving you the cleanest smoke possible.

Elegant Glass Tipped Hose

This Z70 comes with one of the most elegant glass tip hoses available which includes a stainless handle for a solid grip. Within the glass mouth tip there is a slight bend at the neck to offer a comfortable smoking experience.

The included hose is manufactured with surgical grade silicone tubing, these hoses are extremely washable and flexible. The solid glass ashtray is fitted with a glass on glass connection and a glass barrier around the bowl. The barrier prevents any charcoals or ash from getting trapped under the bowl.

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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"Where do I even start?"
Hussein Abdulmohsin on Wednesday, August 05, 2015 8:43:27 PM

It's absolutely worth it, best hookah I've ever tried - The honeycomb is AMAZING - No bubbling, literally feels like you're breathing air, and the flavor is unbelievably pure - It fits in a regular-sized freezer, which is great - The glass-on-glass fitting is unbelievable, air-tight - The purging system works very well, and the shipment came with two trays, one fits the glass bowl, and the other for different bowls - Heck, even HookahJohn, who never liked hookah glasses, posted on reddit saying that he smokes most of his bowls out of the Zahrah Z41, which I know, is not the same model, but it gives you an idea of the company's quality - It is expensive, I will confess - But the glass is definitely hard to break - If you have money and are looking for a high-end hookah, get this hookah - Make sure the water level is half an inch or less over the diffuser, and use two or three charcoals on the bowl depending on how well the tobbaco you're smoking takes heat - Yes the tray can handle charcoals sitting on it I've tried two charcoals for 40 minutes and it was fine - tip: the tray designed for the glass bowl can carry the bowl, meaning once you're done with your hookah session and don't wanna carry the burning-hot bowl, you can simply lift the tray, and the tray, the bowl will sit on top of it, then take it to the sink to cool it down/ wash it - Great job Zahrah! I was skeptical about buying this hookah, but it was better than I expected it to be in my best-case scenario -

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