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Haze Shisha Super Pack - 3 250g Tins + 40mm Ignite Coals

SKU: BTO-Haze-250g-X3-Ignite40
Configure: Super Pack (3 Haze 250g + 1 100-piece box of Ignite 40mm charcoals)

3 Haze 250g + Ignite 40mm coals

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Haze 250g Shisha Tobacco Super Pack - Ignite 40mm Coal

The Haze super-pack includes three tins of your favorite Haze shisha AND a 100-piece box of Ignite 40mm quick-light hookah coals, all at a discounted price, .

Haze hookah tobacco serves up great flavor, big clouds, and the coolest looking tins around. Haze 250g tins feature Haze's patented Stack N Haze system which allows tins to attach to each other. This makes storage easy, and is a great tool for keeping your favorite mixes together.

Haze Flavor Descriptions

Haze Tobacco certainly has a ton of unique flavors in their shisha, and they definitely aren't shy about using unique names either. Some of these flavor names may not give you the best idea of what flavor profiles you'll be getting, but don't worry, we've got you covered.

Apple Krush - The taste of sweet and crisp green apples is what you can expect from this shisha flavor
Bananarama - A complex banana bread pudding flavor that is rivaled only by grandma's cooking! This shisha flavor mixes graham crackers, custard, and fresh bananas to really stick it to your sweet tooth.
Beat The Heat -The perfect cherry limeade we've been asking for!
Blackberry - Much like the name implies, this is a sweet blackberry shisha flavor.
B.O.F. - It's a bunch of fruits in one bowl
Chaitastic - Unlike some other Chai flavors, Chaitastic boasts dryer spice and tea flavors in which you can expect hints of cardamom, cinnamon, and clove.
Carnival Nights - A unique mint and cardamom mix.
Cheech & Chong's Hey Man - An amazing chili-mango flavor that brings a unique spiciness and delicious mango tastes, along with hints of tamarind fruit.
Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams - A berry margarita flavor.
Cheech & Chong's Sister Mary Elephant - Packed with sour candy flavor and a hint of berries.
Cheech & Chong's Still Smokin' - A delicious blend of ripe red berries and juicy pineapple.
Cheech & Chong's Whoo Weee - This flavor is a strong peach with hints of red berries.
Cherry - Much like you would expect, this flavor is a straight forward, single note cherry flavor.
Chocolate Ice - A blend of chilly mint and chocolatey goodness.
Coco Roast - Similar to their single note Coconut, this flavor takes that classic tropical flavor and combines it with a darker, "roasted" flavor profile, creating a roasted coconut flavor that will be sure to please.
Coconut - A single note, tropical coconut flavor.
Cotton Clouds -A new take on the sweet cotton candy flavor
Don Fizzle - A sweet fruit mix flavor.
Eve's Temptation - Opening the tin you get an ultra sweet sent of apple, and some other fruity scents. There are aspects of both green and red apples with a hint of some kind of fruit, we think mango, that helps add to the earthy tone meant to bring the sweetness down a hair. There's also a definite hint of anise.
Five Cents A Cup - A sweet nectar of refreshing Pink Lemonade. Upon opening the packaging, you will notice that the smell of lemon and citrus is very dominant within the tobacco blend. However, upon smoking this flavor, you will certainly notice that Haze has done a masterful job of creating a sweet Pink Lemonade that is not overwhelming with tart lemon or sour citrus.
Hardcore - This flavor boasts a "hardcore" blend of sweet fruit flavors.
Honeydew - Enjoy the fresh sweetness of a crisp honeydew melon with this shisha tobacco.
Intensity - An "intense" blend of cool refreshing mint and darker, spice notes.
Jazze Pha Candy Apple Love - This shisha flavor couples the traditional apple shisha varietals, with a very sweet, candy undertone.
Jazze Pha Lavish Lavender - A tasty lavender blend (obviously) complemented by deliciously creamy and minty notes.
Jazze Pha Oh Boy Explosion - A blast of spearmint flavor, interlaced with a sweet grape flavor.
Jazze Pha Panty Droppa - A very juicy flavor that has strong notes of sweet bubble gum, and fruity watermelon.
Jazze Pha Pineapple Krush - A delicious mix of sweet pineapple and cool mint.
Kazouza - Remnsicient of the classic soft drink, this flavor combines several different flavors to create a refreshing cherry cola flavor.
Kiwi - Just as you would expect from the name, this flavor is a sweet Kiwi flavor.
Le Mint - A mix of delicate mint and tart lemon.
Lime It Up - Appropriately named because it is a solid, sweet lime flavor. It is not a very tart blend, more sweet, but there is a definitive sour lime tone to it which provides a bit of complexity to a simple flavor.
Majestic Bru - Modeled after the popular European beverage iron brew, Majestic Bru is a creamy orange flavor with a hint of rose that adds sweetness and a mellow note to the taste. The orange taste is not a zesty citrus orange, rather a creamcicle style orange.
Mint Fiesta - A unique flavor to say the least, Mint Fiesta is a cool refreshing mint with strong tones of spiciness that remind you of the heat you experience with red peppers.
Mint Lemonade - A refreshing lemonade flavor that combines a cool mint, much like drinking an ice cold glass of lemonade with mint leaves infused.
Ohh Chata - Cream, cinnamon, and spices blended together for a delicious horchata flavor
OMG - A juicy berry mix flavor.
Pacoca - This flavor is made to replicate the popular Brazilian Peanut candy.
Peachella - A smooth peach flavor with undertones of vanilla cream.
Pearlicious - Delicious spiced pear blended with ice cold mint
Pomegranate - As you would expect, this flavor is a sweet pomegranate flavor.
Quack Quack - A frozen fruit mix flavor.
Raspberry - A simple, single note sweet raspberry flavor.
Rose - A very pleasant floral flavor
Seduction - This flavor combines several citrus fruits to create a wonderful, citrus blend.
Sinful Mint - A fan favorite that combines strong cinnamon, sweet cream, and cooling mint.
Summer Time - A medley of summertime fruits.
Sweet Melon Medley - A sweet concoction of sweet melon fruits such as watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe.
Tangerine - A single note, sweet Tangerine flavor.
Twice The Apple - A great double apple flavor, and a unique one in the sense that it doesn't hit as hard as others with the use of anise.
Ultimint - The ultimate mint blend from Haze tobacco.
Vanilla - A sweet, creamy vanilla flavor.

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